Very exciting to have a one day classic in Australia. Cancellara v Cadel - sign me up for that!

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Do they plan to reach 46mph ? ( because you can ... you know .. count me out if they don't.


Signing up for the mass participation ride after prompting from the wife.

I've ridden down there once - it's very scenic. Stunning roads and views along the beach between Barwon Heads and Torquay. I don't know the exact route of the CEGORR, but don't be fooled - the GOR is surprisingly hilly. Each headland (and there are many) has a decent little climb, there are several Cat 4 headlands between Torquay and Lorne. 

Has the course been detailed, what is the distance?

It certainly sounds like a great ride.  I have briefly visited the area and have very positive memories.

Here is a guesstimated course I found on Strava.

Pretty flat, not a lot of ocean views

Wot, in Vic and no???


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