I took a look at the Campbell St cycleway on the weekend. East of Crown St isn't done yet, but below that it's almost finished, although barricades prevent you from riding in it.

Below is the section in front of the concrete police bunker. You can see a car parked hard up against the concrete dividers, which is unsurprising considering how narrow the lane to the right of the car is; parkers will want to park closely to avoid a bus scraping the side of their car.

Note the white line bisecting the cycleway? It seems like a marker to indicate the door zone. I think that's a good idea, and better than making the concrete dividers wider, which would make the cycleway very skinny and increase the chances of people snagging a pedal on the dividers.

The bus stop is on the right of the cycleway, and the road surface rises at this point to become level with the footpath, indicating a "level-playing field" with pedestrians crossing over the bus stop. I imaging a pedestrian crossing might get painted over the cycleway here.

The intersections are unfinished, but they don't look like they'll be much good. The cycleway either seems to stop and dump you into a merged lane with cars, or dumps you onto the footpath.

The cycleway is one-way only, uphill. The downhill lane is now much narrower, and there is no way to ride it without taking the lane. Even a timid door-zone hugger would now effectively block the lane from overtaking cars. It will be interesting to see how people on bikes react to that. In the past most people rode the downhill lane on the edge of the door-zone, which allowed drivers to overtake dangerously close.

But the biggest change is how the cycleway affects the street as a whole. The roadway looks and feels much narrower, creating a cosy, neighbourhood feel rather than a wide-open speedway feel. The footpath on the northern side has a terrific feeling of space, and the businesses on that side of the street will be pleased, although I imagine their rents will eventually rise as a result, so maybe it's the landowners who will be pleased.

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All cycleways gratefully received, although traditionally I happily ride down but never up Campbell :)

I agree Beck,

I live in Surry Hills but no way would i ride up campbell street.

Gee, I ride up Campbell St all the time. I used to work near Central, and it was the best way to get back up to the top of the (Surry) Hill. Reservoir St was an alternative, but was steeper, and Albion St was similarly steep but more heavily trafficked. Campbell St was the best of a bad lot.

I think Campbell St is supposed to be the alternative route to Oxford St. Getting you across to Castlereagh which will eventually have a cycleway on it as well and of course linking up to Bourke St Cycleway at the other end. It will be good for those cyclists who are a bit scared of riding on Oxford - although as you say - riding in the actual car lane downhill going west will not suit everyone - I suppose they were thinking it was a quiet street so would be OK.

Yes, I think you're right about the general plan for Castlereagh/Campbell St to be the replacement for College/Oxford St. And it's a ridiculous plan - I estimate that approximately 0% of the current swarm of cyclists that use College/Oxford will switch to Castlereagh/Campbell.

Where you and I are happy to see a swarm of cyclists riding up Oxford St I suspect the State Govt and RMS see a big problem (cyclists on a main road! oh no!) with the solution being to make them ride somewhere else.

Oxford St is one of those goat-track roads that follow a ridgeline, and there's no way to avoid the fact that people on bikes will prefer it to every other, hillier option. The Pacific Highway is another.

These are my thoughts also im afraid. 

I live on Bourke street with the path at my front door and i hate to say it.......i dont use it.

If im heading into the city i just head straight to Crown and ride the ridge line. Cant see why i need to ride up a decent hill to Tailor Sq only to ride back down it again. This path does the same thing.

 Kids on bikes.......great. (but  i think some will get off and walk , plus NO downhill lane?)

Ok, you cam flame me to hell now but i doubt ill be the only one thinking this.

I agree, I love the bike lanes and use them daily but I will suffer a main road on a ridge line rather than go bloody up and down. I think ridge line roads should be reclaimed by cyclists and peds. And I do mean re-claimed.

This will also be great for kids going to Crown Street and Bourke Street public schools! At the moment my 7 year old daughter rides up the footpath on Campbell Street to Crown St. We will have to go all the way up to Bourke Street to use the cycle path, and take the back street off the cycle path to Crown St Public School, but that is a small price to pay for a cycle path! They have also installed a crosswalk on Riley Street/Reservoir St. It slows the traffic down on this stretch and again great for all the kids that take this route from Central to Crown Street Public School.

I had a look today, too, as I was in the area. 

Here is the start of the path, coming off the footpath up from Elizabeth St, with thoughtful sign advising of left hook opportunity. 

This cyclist is a bit suspicious and stays out in the traffic lane.

I think cyclists rejoin the road here before the roundabout, or they could use the kerb ramp on the side street to cross- might be safer.

This is the Hilary Step, a steep little bit before the right turn into the next bit of Campbell St. Once across its a reasonable gradient up to Riley St, as in Colins Photos. 

Here is the enemy at work altering the traffic signals at Crown St, and part of the downhill section of campbell St, with big bike logo in centre of lane.I think the Slow advice is not really needed on an uphill, plus the ramp, and cars can go 25, but if it keeps em happy...

This is where cyclists will have to be careful of left hooks  if cars have a green light on Campbell. Not finished yet, there will be an on-road bike lane and an advanced stop line,  but that wont help if a car turns left into Riley.

Logo in car door lane on Riley looking north from Campbell should be removed and replaced out in the traffic lane. Or someone should get some black paint at least.

Oh gosh, that door lane HAS to go, and the lights need a no-left-turn sign.

Riley and Crown are lousy with car doors.


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