I took a look at the Campbell St cycleway on the weekend. East of Crown St isn't done yet, but below that it's almost finished, although barricades prevent you from riding in it.

Below is the section in front of the concrete police bunker. You can see a car parked hard up against the concrete dividers, which is unsurprising considering how narrow the lane to the right of the car is; parkers will want to park closely to avoid a bus scraping the side of their car.

Note the white line bisecting the cycleway? It seems like a marker to indicate the door zone. I think that's a good idea, and better than making the concrete dividers wider, which would make the cycleway very skinny and increase the chances of people snagging a pedal on the dividers.

The bus stop is on the right of the cycleway, and the road surface rises at this point to become level with the footpath, indicating a "level-playing field" with pedestrians crossing over the bus stop. I imaging a pedestrian crossing might get painted over the cycleway here.

The intersections are unfinished, but they don't look like they'll be much good. The cycleway either seems to stop and dump you into a merged lane with cars, or dumps you onto the footpath.

The cycleway is one-way only, uphill. The downhill lane is now much narrower, and there is no way to ride it without taking the lane. Even a timid door-zone hugger would now effectively block the lane from overtaking cars. It will be interesting to see how people on bikes react to that. In the past most people rode the downhill lane on the edge of the door-zone, which allowed drivers to overtake dangerously close.

But the biggest change is how the cycleway affects the street as a whole. The roadway looks and feels much narrower, creating a cosy, neighbourhood feel rather than a wide-open speedway feel. The footpath on the northern side has a terrific feeling of space, and the businesses on that side of the street will be pleased, although I imagine their rents will eventually rise as a result, so maybe it's the landowners who will be pleased.

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I agree with the comments that confident riders stick to the ridges and ride the main roads they have become. I do so myself all the time. (But people tell me I am crazy as I rode a bike all around Seoul and enjoyed it more than riding in Sydney). But the bike lanes are not for confident riders but to get more people riding everyday. The hills are not that hard (I go up them on a fixie or with a child on the back of a hybrid) and even my seven year old daughter rides her single speed up Campbell St footpath now. It is a good side street to get people riding and I have to say I have been punished passed and abused many times but "out of towners" using Campbell Street to get to where they are going (The line "sweet heart if you can't drive in the city stay in the suburbs" gets used a bit, so a bike path will help both to get off the road and to slow down the cars and make Campbell Street less attractive.

But those car door "bike lanes" which were also on Campbell Street before, have to go! I get abused and punished passed all the time on both Riley St and Crown St were they are. And big SUV are happy to lay on their horns as they cruise down on the Sunday. And I had kids with me, two on the back of my Yuba and my wife was in front in the bright yellow Nihola trike? I mean really Crown Street on a Sunday, bikes are not your problem. How even thought to painting them on the roads, should be made to go out an paint over them. They give cars the impression we should be playing door dodge and they have the right of way. 

If there is a bugger up night to get rid of them, I am in. 

I wonder if it is too late to apply for a Grant- can be used to repair community facilities.

Just sent a message to Alex Greenway. The closing date was in July so we will have to see.

Bang on. 

Other than just blacking them out, I can imagine a red diagonal in a red circle (as in a no-smoking symbol) would make for an excellent stencil over the top of those bike symbols. 


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