Well, I'm not sure that I can, but what I have demonstrably ridden is EMT's fixie ...

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Did you break it???   :)

Why not try this clown bike below?

Well, at least you demonstrably look the part. ;-)

Yeah, but nothing that a longer stem wouldn't fix. Not looking forward to part II with pics of EMT riding one of Mr Ohs bikes.

No way I would be seen riding a YELLOW bike :-) 

What about a PINK one? ;-)

Nairo Quintana' and his pink Canyon Ultimate CF SLX

Well he's only a bit taller than me and about the same weight.  

But no.  I think that's a bike for Dame Velo (or whatever she is calling herself)

Yes definitely smacks of my idea of understated pinkness. ;-)

Thanks EMT (I think).

True, but they cannot be all that bad.  Do not forget that other badly fitting, borrowed yellow bike that helped Angelina Jolie’s older brother finish a TDF stage after a nasty prang.


But that is demonstrably not news, Sideshow MIke.

Yes, good call! 


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