In Canberra with the kids to see the various attractions the national capital has, and was amazed to see bike racks on the front of the buses. A lot of them even had bikes on them, Very cool I thought. Not to mention the myriad cyclepaths everywhere. Maybe not cycling nirvana, but getting there.

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Can you post a photo?

Leaving tomorrow but I'll try.

Gary - Here's a couple of images. If you're interested, you can even buy a model of one to sit on your shelf and admire.


Thanks Edward. I can even get the model on the pretext it is my 8yo nephew's birthday next week. Of course this kind of thing is way too sophisticated for Sydney buses.

And the other thing avbout Canberra it is legal to ride on the footpath
As long as you aren't within 25 metres of an open retail outlet.

And their buses are due for a smartcard thing soon, which eludes NSW—although there no train integration to speak of. Whole thing cost less than $10M. Even without smartcards, their current travelten equivalent supports bus transfers. 

was ruing the lack of smartcard 2 nights ago. I got to the station, and realised I had no money with 5 minutes before the train turned up. The ticket machine helpfully said press button for Mastercard, then the slot says "EFTPOS coming soon!". So got to the bank and back, in time to get to the platform and watch my train go. Next train was in 20 minutes, takes 40 minutes, and driving takes 30 minutes. I think they should just give train trips away for free.


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