After the shocking (for some) footage of Jims Mowing hit and run in Canberra I thought I'd add some positive imagery of cycling in Canberra. I think quite often people who visit this forum will get the impression that cycling is a dangerous and unpleasant activity that requires one to cycle in an armed (at least with a pen) and angry gang. Not that I'd be against that once in a while but it's important to let people know that the majority of time cycling is great fun and that I'd rather be potentially under Jim's car than in it.

So here's some lovely footage of riding around Canberra's roads and cycle paths in the autumn/winter time on e-bikes. Enjoy...

As always, the disclaimer is that I sell e-bikes in case my user name doesn't make this obvious. I've put this in 'buy/swap/sell' category to try and be sensitive to this issue. No offence taken if this post is deleted.

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Maurice does the recent change to Australian ebike standards yet have any impact eg 250W rather than 200, or do you have to wait for corresponding changes at state and territory level, will different ebike be available ?
I have no problem with your video except it should be in the Advocacy section?

Have to wait for States to legislate. See attached PDF.


Real good. The motor has been really great for the wife, she reckons it makes the trip home from daycare too easy. I will post a full write-up on my blog hopefully this weekend if I get time.

There's a noteworthy mistake in that pdf about motor power changes. The European standards allow a 'continuous maximum power' of 250W. The pdf has written 'maximum power' of 250W, which is quite a different thing.

Otherwise, yes, the states will have to change legislation before the European standard bikes (EPACs or Pedelecs) will be allowed to be used on the roads here. As we're all guessing on times, i'm going to make some wild guesses that the first State on board will be Victoria in the next 6 months and that the last State will take 1-2 years and smart money is on NSW. Note that for most importers, there will be no point bringing in a bike until it will be able to be sold throughout the entire country. Even then many importers won't bother for a while due to the immaturity of the e-bike market in Australia both on the demand side and on the supply side (lack of suitable shops, sales reps, technicians etc).

I didn't think of the Advocacy section but yes, that would have been the place.

Please see my reply to Mark below about any differences from recent changes to Australian laws. As he says, no impact yet. There will most likely be a wider variety of brands available once all the changes are made but probably just a trickle. It's still a big investment for the big brands to bring in their electric lines into Australia in a largely untested market.

the disclaimer is that I sell e-bikes

That's "disclosure", people.

Ah, thank you.

fantastic video!  nicely made


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