I’m currently planning a tour staring in Canberra and I was wondering if there was a bicycle route from central Canberra to Queanbeyan?

It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve cycled in Canberra. Last time I rode to Queanbeyan it was quite hairy.

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Tony, G'day.

There are many options. The quickest route would be on any of the on-road commuter cycle ways to Fyshwick, then on the Canberra Avenue cycle way into Queanbeyan.


But, a more interesting route would be, over Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, past the High Court and National Gallery of Australia, then continue along the Kingston Foreshores (there are many good places to eat here), through the Jerrabombrra Wetlands Nature Reserve and then head towards Fyshwick to join the Canberra Avenue Cycle Way.

In the ACT it is legal to ride on footpaths and many of the on-road cycle ways (basically) run parallel to the slower and more pictorial recreational cycle paths.

Good luck, enjoy your trip.


This is always a good resource for bike routes.

If you have a Garmin GPS, these maps can be loaded into it. Let me know if you need more info!

Thanks guys. Just the info I needed to get out of Canberra. I think last time I did this I rode via the airport but that was way back in pre-cycle path days.

Depending on what time I arrive in Canberra (by bus) I'll either ride to Queanbeyan or push on to Bundendore.

By bus?

Have a good ride and all that, but tell me about taking your bike on a bus. Where on the bus do you carry it? Does it have to be disassembled? Do you have to pre book it or anything? Is this a particular bus company that carries bikes or is it all them? What's it cost? If you've got two or three people, might it be cheaper to hire a car? What about catching the metro train (no disassembly required) to Goulburn and bus from there to Canberra?

Tell me, tell me! Tell me everything! Tell me now!

I haven't booked anything yet but I'll intended to travel from home in Wollongong to Canberra by the a regular coach service run by Murray's coaches. They will carry bicycles I believe, quote: "Surfboard; Ski's and Snowboards; Pushbikes (must be in a box, bike Bag or hardcase) Golf Bags; Large Packages/Boxes (no more than 32 kgs) - $20.00"


I'll need to ring them to check on pre-booking both bike and myself.

They also run a Sydney-Canberra service


Thanks, Tony.

It doesn't specify what size the bike box has to be, so unlike airlines you could presumably have an "oversize" one. You may be able to get away with removing just the wheels! Or you could contrive to fit it in your "regular suitcase" which you can carry free. Save yourself that twenty bucks!

I have an aversion to disassembling bikes for travel - it's an affront to my very being, a grievous assault on my fundamental human rights. These buses, for instance, why can't they install some rack arrangement at the back? You could probably carry half a dozen vertically arrayed bikes with no impact on operations. Charge five or ten bucks and watch your patronage soar!

I expect you'll be fully documenting the bike's bus adventures with photos, videos, diagrams, gps tracking, interviews, etc, yes?

Your query made me check the Murray's rules. Until quite recently they would take a fully assembled bike. Looks like they have just changed it. I'll probably put my bike into a CTC plastic bag which I have.


I too don't see why bicycles have to be taken apart. Last year I caught the XPT from Brisbane to Sydney with my touring bicycle. Never again. They gave me a child's bicycle box into which to pack my touring bike!!! I ended up breaking the mudguards to get it in. It took me an hour to disassemble at the station. The train was waiting for me to pull out.

I wrote a letter to the CEO of Trainlink complaining and was fobbed off with a piss weak response.I followed up with a phone call and was told that the relevant people had been informed but they couldn't tell me what was being done nor was I allowed to talk to the "relevant people". As I pointed out to them I had experienced best practice - it was called "NSW Government Railways". You would arrive at the station with your bicycle and wheel it into the guards van where it would be secured. Total time to do about 30 second. Reverse at destination.

I recently caught the train to Lithgow with my touring bike. Hook at the back of the carriage to take a bicycle. How hard would that be to do elsewhere?

Greyhound used to take bikes as is, just put on their side on the floor of the luggage space underneath the bus. Panniers can be placed to stop sliding around. Some drivers allowed bikes to be put in upright, secured to a vertical steel support. Worked well. Just lower the seat Ro fit in.

Haven't checked lately to see if they still do that, hope they haven't gone down the box trick. Country Link buses also used to take bikes no problems.

Greyhound T&Cs say -

Passengers may make a request to bring nonstandard
items of Luggage on our Coaches, which if
approved by us in our absolute discretion will be
charged as follows:
(a) $15 per surfboard, surf-ski or sailboards;
(b) $49 per assembled pushbike;
(c) $25 per disassembled pushbike;
(d) $25 per boxed pushbike;

If you want to go Goulburn > Bungendore, the profile and GPS track are here. You'll just need to reverse them.

If you are intent on going Queanbeyan > Bungendore, I'd suggest that you increase your life insurance unless you take a back road. The main drag Queanbeyan > Batemans Bay is probably one of the most dangerous roads in the nanny state.

My next trip Queanbeyan > Bungendore will take the Captains Flat Rd (morning traffic is going towards Queanbeyan so it will be reasonable); turn left onto Briars Sharrow Rd then left again onto Hoskinstown Rd to Bungendore. I've ridden Captains Flat as well as driven it last Christmas, and it's a bit hilly, but much better than the Kings Highway. I haven't been on the other roads, but they look like they will be reasonably quiet.

What's the trip route?

This is what my plan is for my spring ride in that area. Not sure yet whether to go via Tarago and Oallen Ford or Captains Flat and Majors Creek. Train home from Nowra.

Hello Darrell. Thanks for your commentary.

What I'm planning to do is -

Queanbeyan > Bungendore > Tarago > Goulburn 
Goulburn > Marulan via Highway > Bundanoon > Moss Vale
Moss Vale > Robertson (via backroads) > Kiama
I'll either train home from Kiama or ride. You can ride from Kiama to Thirroul mainly on cyclepaths/SUPs.

I've ridden to the Canberra area several times, last time in 2006. This is the first time I'll be going the other way. If the Kings Highway looks too dodgy I'll look into the Captains Flat Rd route.


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