I need to make some space, and as such need to let a couple of my old bike frames go. If you are interested in either (or both) please let me know, they are free. Both are frames for 26 inch wheels.

I have an old cannondale f500 with the CAAD2 MTN frame (different to the CAAD 2 road frame). I bought this bike new from Bike Addiction in 1999 (still have one of the purchase receipts kicking round). I revamped it a bit many years ago with new XT drivetrain, and an avid Juicy 7 front hydraulic disc brake (this frame does not support disc on the rear). I also dumped the original p-bone forks for a 2004/2005 headshok. The bike has a fairly new cannondale stem and a new bar. The bike is not rideable, and I am listing it here for parts only. Main reason being that I cannot verify the condition or safety of the headshok fork, and as such it may fail when riding. If you are keen to keep using the fork, I suggest sending it to a specialist like Cyclinic in Brisbane for an overhaul. Otherwise with a different headset this bike will accomodate most other forks. Also, I have not ridden the bike for years, so the whole thing would need a look over to verify safety before riding.

The second frame is definitely not rideable in its current state. It is a 2003 Cannondale Jekyll with original fox float with lockout. I bought this bike new in 2003 from Bike Addiction. The rear shock hasn’t been used for almost 10 years, so would definitely need a service. I have with it 2010 fox float 120mm rlc forks with the 15mm thru axle system. The fork was given a full service by Cyclinic in Brisbane last year (I have receipts), and only ridden a few times since (on a different bike). The fork is not properly installed in the frame, a new headset may be required. I just have it in the frame with the wheel attached to save space. I have with it wheels comprising Mavic 819 rims and slx hubs (front hub accommodates the thru axle). The front avid disc brake is still attached, the rear is not (except for the rotor).

Both bikes have been extensively used for mtb, so have scratches and cable rub to match. The Jekyll frame is prob in slightly better condition.

Please send me a message if you are interested, collection is from inner west. And, unfortunately, a car may be required for collection :)

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Hi Josh, I am interested in the first bike. Can you tell me what size the frames are? Also I have a F300 Frame similar to the first bike and need a shorter stem that the one it has come with can you tell me where you sourced your parts from?

Good point, I forgot size. They are both large (19inch seat tube from memory).

New stem on the F500 was purchased from Cyclinic last year. It is 110mm long from memory. The drivetrain is mostly from Chain Reaction Cycles. The headshok was sourced used off another cannondale (hence I do not know it’s full history). Fox fork and wheels currently hanging off the Jekyll were purchased from CBD cycles on Kent Street.

If you are looking to purchase cannondale stems I recommend Cyclinic, they are very helpful in navigating the various intricacies of Cannondale headshoks.

I am interested in the first bike which I think is the green one in the photo. I am in the ACT so I will only be able to get a look at it on Saturday if it is still there.

I will look up cyclinic as see if they can help me with my f300 which is a bit old school.

I'm interested in the Jekyll.

I sent a friend request. Msg me when would be a good time to come and look/pick up.

Which of the children has to move out so you can fit another bicycle in the house?

Hi Josh,

I was wondering if the bike was still available and if so whereabouts in the inner-west is the pick up. I would like to drop around tomorrow and have a look if this is ok with you.

Hi Jonathon,

I still have it, it is in Summer Hill. Sorry, i just saw your message. Let me know by message when you would like to see it. 


All parts/ frames have now been collected, thanks. 


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