Here it is folks. This morning I hit some road debris in the form of some building wire used to secure form work etc. I didn't see it until the last moment and it bounced up into my rear derailleur and ripped the mech clean off. Here's the photos:

One Campagnolo Super Record derailleur has gone to the bike gods . . . 

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And another photo:

One expensive ride . . . 

Ouch ! Freakish accident!

Do you have a picture of the debris ? 

Ribbles and BikBug prices  on SRs are pretty good.

Another option is CyclngProjects in Ashbury might be able to replace the broken bits.

Thanks for the info and agree on Ribble. I'm actually thinking of paying my LBS closer to retail if it includes the setup and some ongoing servicing. Having said that the Australia premium for these parts is steep even allowing for the GST differential.

I don't have a picture of the debris because I basically put in a garbage bin and got out of there as quickly as possible. : )

Strewth!!! (for want of a better family friendly word!) How is the rest of the bike? More importantly how did you fair? Something tells me it will be an expensive fail!

I'm fine. Desperately upset with my self for missing the road crap. Luckily I was going up hill so the velocity of the mech once it broke off wasn't enough to ruin the wheels. The paintwork is pretty scratched and the frame doesn't look to be cracked. I'm taking it to a Cannondale dealer tomorrow to get an opinion before I ride it again. 

I've broken 3 alloy RDs over my life, all of which have scored bonus by going into the spokes, which at least seems to be a habit the CF ones with their sudden failures don't manage.

Hey Kylie - I was in Bronte. I had just ridden the beaches etc. and was coming up Macpherson St where there's quite a few houses being renovated, but no major building sites to blame it on.

I'll be taking the bike tomorrow to Cheeky Monkey near Centennial Park as I had a less than satisfactory experience at CBD - not nasty or anything, but I found that they were a little slipshod with me for what its worth. I'll try and post some more pictures from the bike shop etc.

Did you enjoy your breakfast at least???

(ps it was me and greg from RIDE that stopped to check you were ok, small world hey?)

Toby - thanks for stopping. Breakfast was great, though a little bitter! How do you like the photos? Looks to me that I have no cracks in frame, just some paint damage.

Luckily I managed to convince my wife to come and get me. Middle aged man in lycra in a cab was just too embarrassing to contemplate.

I had similar run in with debris (well a Reid bike) last week. Had a head on with a pottering rider who was on the wrong side of the bike path, I came off a slight hill and out of an underpass which is a bit of blind corner and had no where to go. The other rider was miles away enjoying the ride and I guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Took a rolling tumble with a bit of bark off and bruised hip and the forks must have been the first point of contact. The Reid (and other rider) was fine and I am just happy it was not a kiddy so please one and all take extra care on any bike path.

I do this corner most days and always take it slow but a direct clip to the carbon fork leg at about 15 or max 20 ks was all it took.

This is the only bit of carbon I own on all my bikes and with the old fork out of stock have ordered a new one (Columbus Minimal? ) which one comes with a carbon steerer not a steel one.

I am a bit nervous about the torque needed for the plug and stem so do I need some lbs help or just go slow with the tools so things are just snug?

Ouch! Head tubes / carbon combo is fiddly at first. I've been shown how to do it multiple times and only recently have been able to judge the tightness right. The key is snug enough so the spacers don't move, but not so snug that the bars are hard to turn. 

Its a little tighter than just snug otherwise the steering loosens pretty quick, but imo its impossible to judge without a torque wrench especially if you've never done it with a torque wrench.


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