This is the current state of the recently-completed Carrington Rd cycleway in Marrickville. There are four side-streets at which the cycleway stops, with a Give Way sign for cyclists.

Perhaps it's not immediately obvious why this is a problem, but here's how it goes:

  1. Cyclist is riding along cycleway
  2. Car approaches intersection from side street (from the right in this picture)
  3. Car slows/stops to give way to traffic on Carrington Rd
  4. Cyclist has to give way to already stopped car, plus traffic turning in from Carrington Rd
  5. Car isn't sure whether to give way to cyclist or not
  6. Confusion ensues

So it just doesn't work. The cars don't know what to do, the cyclists don't know what to do... but there's a simple fix. They could just paint the bike path straight across the intersections, and move the Give Way signs on the side streets back a little. That way cars entering from side streets would give way to traffic (cyclists or cars) travelling in straight line along Carrington Rd, and cars turning off Carrington Rd would give way to cyclists also.

So I'm asking you to email Marrickville councillors ( Maybe say something like:

Thanks for building the Carrington Rd cycleway. I use it often, but it could be greatly improved if the cycleway was extended across the side streets. The current arrangement, where cyclists have to give way at every side-street, is confusing for both cyclists and motorists, and this confusion will eventually result in accidents. Please finish the job by making the cycleway uninterrupted.

Thanks all!

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Non-compliant with the RMS's own NSW Bicycle Guidelines.

The council traffic engineer who designed this (and the RMS rep who approved it) need to go back to traffic engineering school.

Fig 5.11 seems to be what Carrington Rd is based on.

Fig 7.3 is the "bent out" design, which does allow priority for cyclists.

I wonder if enacting the 2008 rules on pedestrian priority could apply?  if we stop and then walk across the car is required to give way.  after all we have to stop anyway.... 


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