Castlereagh St cycleway "peak-hour" only … !!!!!

As I predicted, the Castlereagh St cycleway is under real threat.

Please add your comments to the article, and - most importantly – write a short, sharp letter to the SMH about this at:

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If they don't have something physical to stop drivers from getting into it, they will drive in it regardless.

Maybe a removable barrier? That would involve 2 setups and 2 takedowns every day. Seems unlikely.

And you'd need to be a lunatic to ride northbound on such a cycleway, into the face of some

idiot moron motorists who thinks it's just another lane they can take a speedy shortcut


When is it not peak hour in Sydney's CBD??? Its constantly jammed. 

We, the cycling community, need to find our voice on this. There will not be much advance on cycling infrastructure in the CBD once the light rail construction commences (slated for 26Apr15) - the Govt won't chance having too many construction zones operating concurrently in the CBD.

Key Issues

Any self-respecting city would create a "minimum grid" network. The absolute minimum here should be safe, connected east-west and north-south cycleway crossings of the CBD delivered before mid-2015. This is the absolute minimum requirement.

There has been a lack of transparency of process here (BIKESydney has engaged directly with the RMS/Lend Lease Alliance responsible for building the Castlereagh St cycleway);

Is this good enough for a "world city"?

Are our transport planners sufficiently competent?

Is the State Government now capable of delivering the Castlereagh St, Liverpool St and Park St Cycleways in time before the commencement of the construction of the light rail in April 2015?

Let Premier Mike Baird and Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian ( ) know.

Factoid: The siting of the north-south network connector on Castlereagh St was the choice of the Roads Minister (not the Lord Mayor). The City Sydney Access Strategy transport blueprint that prescribes this cycleway is also the vision of the Roads Minister (not the Lord Mayor). It's the Roads Minister that is responsible for delivering (building) this cycleway. That is, this is completely the Roads Minister's vision and responsibility. Don't be told otherwise.

Factoid: next state election: 28Mar15

It seems like an own goal for the Minister. He's trying to get the ACP elected and this is just the way to help that happen.

Haha, yes.

I got an acknowledgement from the Premier's office.

Rather than respond, they have flicked it to Gladys' office. Not Duncan's.


Maybe Gladys is one of the few in gubmnt that can read and write!

I did wonder, given that Duncey is from the Nationals.

Could indicate that they now recognise that bike lanes do in fact ease congestion, so keeping them for at least the peaks truly does make traffic and public transport flow?
If they wished to make them part time I would prefer giving them up to motors during a few hours in just the mornings. Weekend riding in the city with the kids on the road and not a path is a hard one to give up.

How do bike lanes ease congestion? By taking cars off the road? Even if that were true (it's not clear it is), aren't there a bunch of people who want to drive but don't because of the current congestion? Won't they jump into the gaps left on the road by the motorists-turned-cyclists and thus ensure a similar level of congestion?

Bike lanes give people an alternative to congestion, but they don't lessen the amount of it.


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