Catherine Street at the City West Link traffic lights - new northbound bike phase now in operation.

Northbound cyclist access across the City West Link at Catherine Street is now available via a traffic light phase triggered by a detection loop in the small green painted area on the southern approach to the lights in Catherine Street.

You need to trigger the phase (by placing a wheel on the loop) as the phase does not run automatically each cycle. Bob Moore and I asked for automatic operation on each cycle but the RMS replied " As City West Link is over capacity, we are unable to take time from the main movement to cater for auto-introduction for cyclists crossing City West Link."

We maintain that the phase runs at the same time as the left hand turn proceeding west movement. We argued that because the right hand turn proceeding west movement filters during this phase, a auto cyclist-green would not take any extra time but RMS Network Operations really didn't want to know.

So it is up to cyclists to start using this facility and demonstrate that it is needed.

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We spent some fun time counting the seconds each phase. Cyclists get about 4-5 seconds green to cross, but motorists who might cross your path are held for about 10 or 12 seconds, so no need to hurry. Buses and careless drivers sometimes occupy the green painted waiting space, but that’s good in a way, since they have activated the bike light for you. 

The total phase time is about 90 to 100 seconds, longest was 120 seconds, so is relatively quick compared to some other  intersections. Just seems endless when waiting there. Automatic green would be good when you get to the lights a few seconds before the change, when they don’t now trigger, or a few seconds after.

The City West Link pedestrian crossing on the other side also has bike lights, so if coming up from Brenan St it’s easiest to use those lights, tho technically when you get to the footpath outside the light rail station you have to walk across the Catherine St bridge, whereas on the other side it is a bike path to Lilyfield Rd.


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