Will the NSW police do their job, or will we see another http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/wheels-of-justice-20120623-20ut3.html

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Took me a while to see the cyclist in the distance riding round the CP bike lane. Car didn't appear to stop, but must be in the wrong any way. Hope the video is accepted by the police this time. Is he ok?

Also looks like they need a more conventional big white stop line there, back from the edge of the green lane.

It depends - does the driver have a corrupt police cop mate happy to try to strong-arm the cyclist into silence?

Oh, I hadn't heard that. Lucky the cyclist in question is a stand up bloke with a club mate who is a journalist.

True, but from all accounts it was the video evidence that was the clincher, if not it would have been the cyclist word vs the lying driver and corrupt cop mates and we all know how that turns out.

Same thing happened recently at the kiosk intersection.  No-one seems to care about cyclists in the park.

There can be no excuses whatsoever Bob. The weather and visibility were both perfect.

As one of the Youtube commenters said:

But maybe they should put some signs there that there are cyclists.

And a stop sign.

And a continuous line.

And give the bike lane some color.

Oh wait. They did all that.

The lady was clearly injured and was unable to get up, although she remained conscious. A number of us stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

Hope she is OK

With the 30kph speed limit and great viability, its hard to see how accidents happen in CP but they do.

Where abouts is that in CP?

its the main Robertson/Lang road intersection entrance. 

The approach to there is curved to the left and uphill, and the rider is wearing a white top which is generally one of the better visibility choices - and is unlikely to have been doing more than 25 because the approach is uphill.

If she'd been driving a b-double that driver would still have crashed into it imo, its a pretty serious display of incompetence.

I'd like to see all the roadway entrances meet the main loop of the park at a 90 degree angle instead of the current shallow angle. This would force drivers to slow to a crawl when crossing the cycleway and perhaps more importantly, put cyclists directly in motorists' field of vision rather than back over their right shoulder. I'd keep the shallow angle for cyclists entering the main loop, and move the STOP sign so that it only applies to motorists, who would be about 10 metres to the right.

Not making excuses for the driver in this case, just looking for engineering solutions to avoid these sorts of incidents in the future.

The only engineering solution for this skill level of driving would be a tunnel under the cycle lane.  I think that what the park has spent money on there is making sure the infrastructure discourages drivers from driving the wrong way around the park.

I think its tricky visually- as it stands I can see the drivers in their side window as I approach the intersection, I think if they were squared up, the s-bend nature of the location would put me behind their a-pillars.  That problem occurs a lot at the next cross intersection - I've stopped a few inches short of the drivers door of someone shooting the next stop sign. 

I think the average approach speed is very low, ie I doubt any study would have identified entrance speed as a statistical problem there.

A boom gate with an entrance pay station might work!

absolutely. Use the tollway tags and your car must be in the park for at least 30 mins or the fee is doubled. Or maybe tripled. 


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