Will the NSW police do their job, or will we see another http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/wheels-of-justice-20120623-20ut3.html

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Why would this not be dealt with by the motorists CTP Insurance? 


CTP would cover injury only - if a claim is made,

For damage it would be on the car insurance - ie; third party property damage...

Police have fined cyclists for not stopping at the very same stop sign !!!!

Did they fine everyone or just cyclists?

I was not a witness but it was during one of the pedros (therefore likely they were only interested in cyclists and pedestrians) earlier this year and reported both on sydneycyclist and various local and overseas press. Reported fines for speeding (over 30), stop sign and some other dangerous riding

Cops were out there yesterday (Wed) morning - they did two laps in their van (at 35kmh, mind) then left...

Got overtaken by a few riders, had some weave in front of them (when overtaking some slower riders by going into the car lane), but did nothing regarding speeding or wandering about the car lane...

I almost always overtake other riders by changing lanes at the park, imo there are lots of categories of riders who present risks if you ride close to them.  (hire quadcycles, 2 abreast riders, children, roller bladers, riders who simply don't move back over, riders that are slower than you who are also closing on even slower riders).  Better off to move over at 35 into a space and stay at that speed, than get knocked over into the same space and stop suddenly.

Has anyone forward this on to Bicycle NSW. I know they have been less than active but if they don't know about this then there is not much they can do. It is part of their remit to help members in this situation. And if you are not a member then it may be harder but given the situation and how it would apply to many members who use the park then it would be in their interest to do something. 

its what happens when advocates and insurance sales are mixed together, one becomes conditional on the other.

Hey Justin, passed this onto my mate at Bicycle NSW and she's sent it onto her CEO

That is good now I just hope they can help here and maybe we can rebuild some faith in them. 


Nice to say g'day at Central the other day btw.


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