Will the NSW police do their job, or will we see another http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/wheels-of-justice-20120623-20ut3.html

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I let my BNSW member lapse earlier this year, and won't be renewing it.

Frankly I'm disgusted at their lack of strident advocacy. They are occupying the space where advocacy exists and offering none. This is literally endangering the precise people that they should be advocating for.

The "inside the tent" mentality is NOT working. If anything it has emboldened the police and govt to step up the level of harassment against cyclists, furthering the marginalisation of cyclists as legitimate road users.

Meanwhile the deadly texting driver phenomenon is spiralling out of control. There was yet another mysterious hit from behind fatality a couple of days ago in NSW. How the fuck does Operation Pedro help that poor guy?

They honestly think they are doing us a favour by sending out the Pedro emails. If anything it lends legitimacy to the whole thing.

I saw this quote on a site recently and it is spot on:

"Although we are your state cycling organisation, if we rock this boat by objecting to what will amount to harassment of riders in the CBD, we fear the police will stop issuing approvals and permits for our fun rides. These permits are our lifeblood and mean more to us than you do. We hope you understand."

That quote from them is all you need to know.

Basically, they're saying 'the rides are we we get our income, the average cyclist isn't, so suck it up'.

This is typical of many of these so-called sports representative bodies. They become captive to their income source (eg: many other sports bodies are captive to their olympic government funding), so in truth DGAF about their grass-roots member base; except where it gives them some legitimacy in the eyes of the income provider.

I cancelled my BNSW membership a year or so ago -- have insurance through cycling Australia instead.

 The comments below prompted me to search for the source.

My apologies to BNSW - it is a parody of their quote regarding operation Pedro from "Safe Cycling Australia" facebook feed.

google cache

Oh it's from Dave Sharp - he always likes to stir the pot rather than looking for a constructive way to move forward. Now I understand.

You have just shattered any faith I had BNSW would actually push as a cycle advocate. I just read it again - the (the rides) mean more to us than you (the members) do! I just can't accept that. I have let my family member ship laps so won't renew it. Do you have a link for that quote - it is a killer and I would like to follow it up. 

I know nothing of the source but to be fair to BNSW it is likely (I hope) someone doing a bit of a parody of what they think is BNSW's "real" position?

Yes it a SCA parody. Shame that the debate has fallen to this level. 

She can make a claim against the CTP for the personal injuries, which should have no problem succeeding with the footage / witnesses - and is not conditional on whether the cops charge the driver - its purely a civil matter. 

She can update the cops with the footage, to see if they want to do anything about it, but the cost of the bike can also be pursued first by a letter of claim, and secondly by small claims action if they don't pay up for the letter.  it is also a civil matter, so it also does not matter if the driver is not charged with an offence.

Even if the driver was charged with an offence, it would likely be a ticket offence, and even if it wound up in court, the magistrate would only deal with the offence, and not with compensation. 

I've recently claimed my bike and clothes etc after being hit against my home insurance (bike was listed as a portable item) after being hit by a motorist. I had to pay excess but should get that back as the home insurance are now pursuing the driver and if that's successful I'll get the excess back.

And as you say making a claim against the CTP the police aren't involved, go to;


and fill in and submit the Accident Notification Form. You need to get the insurer from the rego which is by phoning 1300 656 919 or there is a web page, which I'll guess Bob has got written down somewhere :P

Send that in to the insurer and then start playing the CTP game, where they don't want to pay for something or uhm and ahh about it, you respond by just doing it or start claiming sick days against them - then scans etc start to sound really cheap to them. 

I saw 4 cars failing to stop at the stop sign at the accident location today. This included one that zipped through at about 30km. Not what you want to happen on a busy Sunday in the park with lots of children riding.

Batshit crazy to have cars in a park

Don't worry - there'll be a squad of coppers there next week to catch


cyclists speeding.


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