Hey all

Sounds like the Centennial Park ride was a huge success this morning!

Who went along ? Any good stories ?

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Just arrived to make the same point. It's running well for riders at the moment.

Erm, I slept in. Sorry.

But from some of the DHBC reports, it was a massive event.

the ad for council workers got cancelled so nsw police busy ensuring vulnerable road user safety got the spot

This is a nice pic from Phil Gomes on Twitter

I recognise a few people in there :)

Is that the Bullit with the flames painted up the side?

Nope, no flames on that Bullit, just a big ASRA sticker.

That pic and the one in SMH

One wonders how many cars you can fit in that same space.

Same number - they just wouldn'd be moving ;-)


Plus story now on top of smh.com.au website:


Hundreds of cyclists have taken to Centennial Park in a protest to put a stop to speed humps and promote their right to ride. The two-lap Cyclists' Rights Ride today was organised to protest plans for speed humps and pedestrian crossings in the park, which are part of a safety project by Centennial Parklands.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/cyclists-ride-for-right-to-no-bumps-in-ce...


While you're there vote, and vote often. Currently running 2:1 in favour of the status quo (no bumps) in Sentumbling Park.


According to the Telegraph home page it was a "storm".

Cyclists storm park in protest ride

Protest ride

MORE than a thousand cyclists took to Centennial Park protesting plans to install speed humps and pedestrian crossings.


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