Hey all

Sounds like the Centennial Park ride was a huge success this morning!

Who went along ? Any good stories ?

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Thankfully they've toned it down a bit now - the cyclists circled Centennial Park now.


Thankfully nothing, I said "home page" and that's where it still says "storm".

I went for a few laps.

This is a car problem not a bike problem. If there were no cars in the park then there would be no need to do this silly speed bump thing.

There are no cars (or speed bumps) in Central Park NYC.

Well, you should probably break from the peloton instead, but we'll skip the spelling lesson today.

1/10 for the troll too.

A lot of non clubbies also ride around the park, just for the pleasure, including a little bit of "training" or exertion to increase fitness and stamina; they would also lose out and safety might be worse if speed humps and crossings were introduced, plus the 20 K limit. CPT should try other measures to reduce conflict, such as has been suggested already. Cars cause the problem, car owners should be prepared to park elsewhere and walk in, exceptions for disabled. If parking fees had been introduced 10 years ago there would be money to build a new car park outside Grand Drive.

According to the NSW state Government, 40km/hr is a perfectly fine speed for a school zone.  I fail to see how its going to be dangerous on an 8m wide roadway with remarkably good vision lines, and parking only on one side.

Children killed by cyclists in the park in 90 years.  0.0

Homeless people, prostitutes and gay men murdered in the park in 90 years : > 10.

How to maximise safety in the park. 

Create a standard parking lot in a couple of the corners, and remove parking from Grand Drive.  Matter of fact ban cars from it.

Require pedestrians to wear helmets (to mitigate solo falling injuries).

Ban ipods and mobile phones.

So to paraphrase:

"Centenial Park is not a training track it is a park for everyone to use, except for those who want to use the purpose-built 4km bicycle lane for training".

If riding at 40km (which is 10km above the speed limit) in big bunches is a disaster, how many disasters have there been? Although I don't ride there often I've found it a really safe, pleasant to ride.

At least HF is thinking laterally. There is a paved track around the race course already. Even better, given all the wealthy lawyers now giving away golf for cycling, would be to take over Royal Sydney at Rose Bay and convert it into a bicycle club and put those greens to better use for all.

HelmetFree .. I've lived by and used this park for 54 years, most of them cycling. 

The bunches that ride are not that big. The speeds they travel at are not that great and I find them very disciplined. The faster riders are mostly there in the very early mornings before 98% of the pedestrians and families using the park actually arrive. 

I don't know where you live as you seem to have the typical notion that anyone using Centennial Park is WEALTHY. Sorry .. no .. wrong. Ba Bow.  Such a notion is usually held by people not used to the area. 

I think you're being contrary for it's own sake.

"This is a car problem not a bike problem." - hell yes.


Solving driver behaviour outside CP would also encourage training to be done outside CP.

The sheer number of people training there pretty much makes it a training track. The sheer number as shown by the number of people who turned up today. By training I don't just mean racing cyclists. I don't race or even own a road bike (saving to buy one tho) but I still train there for fitness on my hybrid.

Besides, pro cyclists don't train in "training tracks" (apart from training for time trails in a velodrome), they train in roads, and roads with fewer traffic that form a circuit, such as Centennial Park, are perfect places to train.

It's a piece of tarmac, which happens to be in a park, and has been installed with a specific purpose in mind. It is part of the park, and one of the most popularly used parts of the park, most of which is used during the early hours of the morning when kids are unlikely to be using the facility in question.

Why not put in a traffic light controlled crossing? Keep the existing speed limit, riders only have to stop on the occasions when peds activate the light (yep for sure they'll be some cars and bikes that run the red)? Surely this is a better option than installing the proposed speed humps and speed limit?


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