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The idea of handing public parklands over to a private company to use however they want seems like a bad idea, then you read who is on the SCG Trust

But the SCG Trust, which includes the broadcaster Alan Jones and the former premier Morris Iemma, said Moore Park would be enhanced if it
took over management. The parking facilities and grounds would be
improved and there would be more entrances and exits.

Let's hope they don't get their way otherwise cycling in the park may soon be a thing of the past.

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and then there is this too

the budget to maintain Centennial Parklands - drawn mainly from events, parking, and recreational activities at Moore Park

so it is possibly you may have to pay to use the place in future, seems like an absurd use of public land.
Improved with high-rise apartment blocks and more entrances and exits for the residents to get their cars in and out?
When they privatised green slips, the cost doubled. In preparation for Qantas going public, now planes are coming out of the skies every other week. When electricity goes private, you can be sure the prices with double, with no appreciable benefits. If this goes ahead, epect to pay to cycle in a glorified car park.

It seems the idea of privatisation is to give maximum public cash to your mates. If you have exclusive control of something, then you can hold the public to ransom for something they used to own, while slashing the service provided. How else are the directors of the big consulting companies going to pay for their Mercs?
Privatisation Efficiency Check List (repeat annually)
1. Double your prices
2. Invent several new charges
3. Cut services and maintenance
4. Retrench half your staff
5. Well done, give yourself a massive pay rise
Mismanagement then privatisation seems a familiar pattern for this govt. They see privatisation as an easy to get money (including opportunity for graft), while putting too little thought on how the new entity will be regulated to ensure it doesn't abuse its monopoly.

This is a dangerous idea.
The campaign can extend beyond cyclists. Many people in the eastern suburbs would be keen to keep the park in public hands.
It's Malcolm Turnbull to the rescue!
The link is bung, try this one. I never thought I'd say I like Malcom, but he does say lots of sstuff I agree with.
Clover has gone into bat for the park. The way Alan Jones attacked Clover recently on his program, he obviously has a bee in his bonnet about her. I imagine that he would just LOVE to replace all the car parking lost along Bourke Rd with an "improved parking facility" (read ugly concrete jungle) just to stick it to Clover...

Alan Jones is a nasty piece of work who always takes the moral high-ground without a leg to stand on. Quite a feat!

I came across an interesting video featuring Alan Jones, Kerri-anne and Chopper Read. Given Kerri-Anne's latest outburst against cyclists, it is no surprise that Alan and Kerri-Anne seem to back each other up...
Centennial car park
Update. Apparently Labor are fighting about it in-house. Who'da thunk?


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