I've noticed that in the last week or two with warmer weather and later sunsets that there have been more people out on the Gore Hill Fway Shared Path. I have gotten too used to seeing riders and joggers and nobody else on the path over winter.

Last night I got a little too close to a lady pushing a pram, who I did not see clearly in the semi darkness of the underpass area near the Artarmon Reserve turn off. 

The week before I almost got cleaned up by a basketball someone was throwing around.

I'm slowing down.

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Yep, kids, dogs, parents, everywhere yesterday! School Hols! Takes a bit of adjustment. Good to see kids on bikes.

and eastern blue tongues.
Another reason I loathe cars, had to scrap one off the road in front of out place this morning.
Is it really that hard to avoid or even stop and wait for a lizard? No way can wait so must pancake the reptile ( or possum or pet or that kiddy on a skate board or..... )
Kids found two other blues in the backyard so feeding them comfort foods of bananas and strawberry chunks in remembrance of the lost comrade.

Agree; hate to see blueys, and any other wildlife, squashed by infernal combustion vehicles.

But am unwilling to share chooks' eggs with blueys, either. Sorry, blueys, you will be re-homed if you commit egg larceny at my place.

(There's hectares of bush and lots of noisy miner nests to raid, after all.)

On the other hand, riding your pushy over a red bellied black or a brown snake can be a bit disconcerting!  They're out and about in Newcastle.

I came very close to leaving MTB tread marks on a couple of RBBs last summer while riding fire trails in Lane Cove NP. I am not sure which of us was more alarmed, me or the snake.

More recently, I found this dangerous* 150mm-long venomous beastie lurking virtually in my backyard...

*Er... not really!  That's my gloved thumb at top left.  ;-)

Lucky you!

A number of local friends have reported RBBs in their back yards over the last couple of summers, but none in our back yard chasing our chooks so far ............

lovely animal

what snake is it , a green , silver, tree snake, i think they venomis . like most Australian snakes 

Didn't know they like eggs? Would it not be better to just raise the height of your nest boxes than play detective and judge and have to banish what could be a perfectly innocent reptile from backyard to bush?
Nice backyard marsh snake, closest we have is striped marsh tadpoles and frogs (depending on how often the kookas visit).

snakes love eggs 

I'm not worried about that one getting my chooks' eggs!

this may help your lot.


and of course it may not but I still look forward a report at the end of the session.


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