Channel 10 report on shared path by Fort St school

Channel 10 joined the beat up on cyclists tonight with a report claiming

Parents at an inner Sydney primary school are terrified cyclists commuting to work could kill or maim a child and their complaints falling on deaf ears

All of the many cyclist they show in the video they shot this morning slow down as they pass the kids but that doesn't stop the story. Harold Scruby is wheeled out but unfortunately no one to defend the cyclists.

The current path is inadequate and we should also be lobbying for its improvement. There is a "share the path day" outside Fort Street next Thursday so let us all try and slow down at school times.

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Thanks for this. I understand the parents' veiwpoint. And it also looks like a cyclist could be doored. Upgrades needed, and surely someone has the right to set a binding 10km/h limit there?

The best solution would be to continue the bridge path along the wall and replace the current pedestrian bridge with something wider and better sight lines.

The easiest short term solution would be to remove the 2 parking spaces closest to the bridge path junction so cyclist coming off the bridge can see what's ahead.

IIRC these options were put to RMS about a year ago when they were "liasing" about their toll booth removal project at a CoS bike committee meeting. They strongly resisted, outside the scope, not our problem, etc. Not sure if anything was agreed on, like handing it on to the RMS bike section, but doesn't look like it.

Ill be a bit heretical and ask why everyone doesn't go via Argyle and Kent anyway, or down to Hickson Rd.

Edit: found the report. See section 2.2.1

Because those routes aren't as direct.

Depends where you are going. And you can fang along Hickson, so may be almost as quick, and you don't have to dodge peds on the bi di and all that stuff. And as for the reverse, far too steep up that ramp. Maybe I'm getting old.

While I absolutely want cyclists to slow down around children, there's no such thing as a binding 10km/h speed limit since police don't have evidence grade speed measuring equipment for such low speeds.

Additionally reliably measuring the speed of a cyclist is problematic, since the technologies in use can't discriminate with certainty between the speed of the vehicle and the stuff on it that moves such as an advancing pedal.

And the speed limit would not make so much sense out of hours.

I do advocate slowing down near children.

i been doored a few times. taxi double park in traffic . passengers open doors .in traffic . very dangerous selfish acts , alegal acts ,  stupid diclheads

i just close the doors back on them hehe

Maybe they could install some steps at the south end of the bridge path to slow everyone down.

Nice one Drastic!

OMG! Children crossing a ROAD with bicycles on it. Better that than SUVs speeding through 40km/h zones I say.

Of course it should be improved, but I'll wager there'll be several other child fatalities in school zones etc before a serious incident there. 

But I did like seeing the child on a bike at the end.

I was lucky to grow up long ago enough, and somewhere (Christchurch, NZ) where there was enough space, to avoid all this silly angst.

Riding a bike when I was young was seen as a great way to get around. It was freedom explore, which was special. It's sad to see the younger generations being denied this.

You have to laugh don't you. 


The most likely way a child will die at fort st is being reversed over by one of his class mates parents in a car in the carpark or outside of it.  Even though it would be _sane_ to remove the car access altogether, you don't see channel 10 asking for that..


The beat ups have gone from irritating to outright insane.


The school drop off zone needs looking at, that's for sure. If there is one, or do parents just drive up to Obs Hill and hope to find a drop off point somewhere, then do a random turn to get out? There is a roundabouty thing outside the Observatory, maybe parents should be encouraged to turn there and drop kids off at some point away from the cycle route?
Not in anyway lessening the need for an improved cycleway as suggested by Bike Sydney.


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