Channel 10 report on shared path by Fort St school

Channel 10 joined the beat up on cyclists tonight with a report claiming

Parents at an inner Sydney primary school are terrified cyclists commuting to work could kill or maim a child and their complaints falling on deaf ears

All of the many cyclist they show in the video they shot this morning slow down as they pass the kids but that doesn't stop the story. Harold Scruby is wheeled out but unfortunately no one to defend the cyclists.

The current path is inadequate and we should also be lobbying for its improvement. There is a "share the path day" outside Fort Street next Thursday so let us all try and slow down at school times.

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The share the path team will be out on Observatory Hill tomorrow (Thursday) between 7:30 am and 9 am. It's school holidays so maybe not the best timing but do stop and add your 2c on the need for improvements in this area.


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