Having just returned from a bit of a tour, one of the things that was a bit of a PIA was the need to charge multiple devices with USB connections, and the lack of available power points to do so, not to mention the time involved waiting around.  Most times I used power from caravan parks laundry's, which can be a bit of a pain, especially if you have to hang around making sure that the device doesn't go for a free walk to someone else's place.

I normally carry a number of sets of NiMH AA's for GPS + radio, and I now need a charger for my camera battery, as well as one for the USB devices.  I had considered buying one of the 12000mah batteries that are available.  However, I came across this Anker 60w 6-port family-sized desktop usb charger.  It seems to more than adequately fill my needs with fast charging on multiple devices.  Reviews seem positive so I've ordered one on eBay for $63.  I'll report on it when it has been used for a while.  It would be useful elsewhere too!

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12Amps over 6 ports. - That is very impressive! 

I got one of those Korjo USB chargers that has 4 ports with 2.1Amp split among the 4 ports, (or fast charge one tablet at full rate) for travelling (hence the interchangeable plugs ) and they are extremely useful on overseas and it's used at home too

(Doesn't get that much use at home as I've been changing some of my powerboards to those with USB ports ) 

Kogan are selling 4 port USB rapid travel charger on special with free shipping at $19.



(Plus 1-metre micro USB to USB plug, for $1.)

My understanding of these devices is that the total ampage of it is the important bit. The 2.1 amps on Snowy's limits the total charge to that level, so if you want to do a fast charge, you can only do one device at 2.1 amps without any other connected. The Anker charger can do, say, 5 devices at 2.1 amps and one at 1.5 amps to make up the 12 amps.

If my understanding is wrong, I would like to be corrected by someone in the know. 

it is unclear whether the unit snowy linked to does 2.1A per output or 2.1 in total.

I'd suggest it did 2.1A each otherwise I don't know how it goes about sharing limited resources.

An important point on these devices is that the ipod/smart phone/ipad thingy you are attaching will try and communicate with it and tell it what current it requires. If it cannot communicate then the device will only draw 500mA (0.5A) for charging. Most smart devices with USB charging have the charger on board and the device does the regulation.

So it is important that the USB adaptor/supply is designed to be smart, to communicate with the devices charging chip for faster charging.

Thanks Rob.

Got to wait for Neil`s order to arrive and might give info on it.

At that price point and the fact it looks like a virtual close of the Korjo (plus Kogan has a 6.8A version sold out)  I'll say it's 2.1A over 4 ports. 

More than enough to charge a phone, Garmin and Fly6 while sleeping.

Agreed of 2.1A over 4 ports.

Specs of 6.8A version is 2.4A+2.4A+1A+1A.

I like the one that Dabba`s Anker if it had reduced price.

I did see Aldi recently had a wind up USB charger

There are also solar ones which can charge while you ride.

I found a similar device on the footpath this morning. Hopefully not water damaged!


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