Having just returned from a bit of a tour, one of the things that was a bit of a PIA was the need to charge multiple devices with USB connections, and the lack of available power points to do so, not to mention the time involved waiting around.  Most times I used power from caravan parks laundry's, which can be a bit of a pain, especially if you have to hang around making sure that the device doesn't go for a free walk to someone else's place.

I normally carry a number of sets of NiMH AA's for GPS + radio, and I now need a charger for my camera battery, as well as one for the USB devices.  I had considered buying one of the 12000mah batteries that are available.  However, I came across this Anker 60w 6-port family-sized desktop usb charger.  It seems to more than adequately fill my needs with fast charging on multiple devices.  Reviews seem positive so I've ordered one on eBay for $63.  I'll report on it when it has been used for a while.  It would be useful elsewhere too!

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I've also come across this device for charging NB-6L camera batteries. 

It looks a lot better than the charger that I now use.

Hmmm. It`s from Canada and that site have no info of shipping to Oz but have to email to them.

Total cost of CAD$22.98 and might be in Canada only. Search for it closer to home or ebay if found.

I received this USB battery charger today, and put NB-6L battery pack on it to see how long it would take to bring it up to full charge - a little over an hour.  The spiel in the above link suggests that the Canon charger takes about 4 hours to do the same job, and that seems to tie in with my experiences with it.  If everything is as the charger indicates, it seems to be a worthwhile charger.

I got the new charger today and I've plugged a heap of devices into it to see how they go.  So far the Galaxy Tab 4 8 seems to be charging at about 1% per minute (as a rough guide).  That seems to be about twice as fast as my other chargers.


Very useful for finding if the problem/bottleneck is the charger, or the cable... I've thrown some lousy cables.


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