Received this information ; their website has a page with :

The LAST EVER Cheeky Monkey Brompton Club Ride / Sale

  • Saturday, August 19, 2017

FB :

From my own interactions, they are great to deal with.

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Selfishly this is a sad day for me. I have enjoyed every interaction with the guys at Cheeky T over 12 years now. Just a cut above, imo. And they built for me a custom ride Surly and sold me a Brompton. Just won't seem the same not to be able to wheel past frequently and stop to say hi. I really enjoyed their eclectic and interesting product mix. A cyclists shop.

To all the guys that made up the team over the years I just want to say - you were great. I trusted what you did for me.

Thank you!

 I trusted what you did for me.

I concur with this accolade

News indeed, a local treasure. Coincidentally, and a bit opportunistic of me, but a few Bike Leichhardt members have Bromptons and are organising a "Bromtoberfest" on Sat Oct 14, 1130 am Town Hall, based on a similar event in NY they went to.
Are they closing or moving?

I wondered that too...

...but "THE LAST EVER" sounds pretty final. :-(

They are closing. The owner lives in Wollongong and wants to spend more time with his family.

Ah well, nice ride down to Wollongong, if he reopens there, and the Govt will be putting in a fast train some time for the trip back I'm sure.

And when you're up Newcastle way, Cheeky Bikes is in Warners Bay. I believe that its owner was one of the Sydney Cheeky owners at one stage.

No, the only owner of Cheeky T was Adam. Adam is moving on to other things and for sure he wants more family time - loves his kids. Like many who ideal that they can move out of the smoke and commute reasonable distances, only to find that they are time poor. No sooner in the door and you are thinking about turning yourself around for a repeat performance. 

That's probably Maisy at Warners Bay, who, until fairly recently, worked for Cheeky T. Maisy is heaps experienced and has great technical knowledge and skills.

THE LAST EVER .... is final. I hope my tears don't smudge the type

I think Cheeky has been at Warners Bay now for more than 5 years.

Dabba you are right in saying there was an original Cheeky partner a long time ago. One went to Centennial Park and carried forward Cheeky Monkey, a high end bike store. The other became Cheeky Transport - commuting and travel bike specialists. They were targeting different markets. Coincidentally I went into the Centennial Park store only two weeks ago after a long hiatus only to find it is a Bianchi concept store. There aren't many true cyclists shops like Cheeky Transport, mostly shops for folk who ride bikes, sometimes.


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