ITS 'A CURRENT AFFAIR" child endangerment, verbally abused & filmed...

Today, I took my daughter out in her bike trailer attached to my Brompton. We have had people filming us or taking photos along the way, Newtown especially, (I suppose because its seems 'novel') ?

It never bothered me, because the reactions have all been positive, but today, I became a little unerved when a SUV was driving alongside of us from 'world centre' began filming.

At first I thought it was more of the same attention we were already accustomed to, but it persisted, we were filmed from all angles, just about, all the way to glebe,  ( a good 15 minute ride). I was probably doing 20k/h uphill pushing it, (dont forget, Im towing 40+kg!) not thinking, or even capable of pulling to the kerb (along the busy bus lane) while being hurled abuse, "thats ILLEGAL!" ... the girlfriend was then being a jerk within a meter of my bike trailer (while his hand was out the window with his camera, ) attempting to illicit a hostile response, i suppose (it never happened) whilst they held up traffic and were doing the very thing they accused me of: putting my childs life at risk. 

My daughter had the ipad in the back and I wish I couldve got her to film them and get thier licence plate number down. Cops said this evening if sharing on social network is thier intent, theres nothing I can do about it.

Im guessing they will try to hand the footage to the RTA or a MP and try to have trailers banned! haha! good luck to them, they can take thier gripes to Target to start: where I bought it-somebody at the australian safety standards mustve approved it, then go to ebay where 20 or so are being sold at any given time.

Or just go home, have a good cry and tell, 'mama'. 

What can I do about being filmed? ..I dont want to be published with negative connotations to my cycling, as I obey the road rules.....(lets hope they are stupid enough to upload, and incriminate themselves with dangerous driving in the meantime...) dutch cargo bike, Im too afraid to use now...:(

It no use when after the fact you can say, 'if I only did this..or that...filming them back or just stopping, both afterthoughts, I was just too creeped out at the time...

(On the 2/9/2012) Im adding:

the original ACA clip for those who have just joined the discussion:

I have broken no laws, yet ACA have attempted to criminalise me by holding me personally and my parenting to speculation, ridicule and contempt while I am going about my business. If this can happen to me, this can happen to anyone. 

Creating hysteria for ratings, yet potentially life threatening, not to mention, damaging to my career working with children.

Not only have they sought to damage my reputation by humiliating me publically, nationwide, they do have charges of negligent driving, harassment/stalking, filming a minor without consent to answer to, and I intend to follow this up with the full extent of the law. 

Thankyou everyone so far who have taken the time to read this, and especially those who have contributed to this discussion. The support I have received is overwhelming!

A good advocate or pro-bono lawyer is now needed before I make make a formal police statement. (Not remembering the licence plate number, was the only thing preventing me, when I reported it on the day.) Since this has generated so much attention both here and internationally, its only a matter of time, I believe, someone will take on ACA. 

Keep up the support! I am seeking a 'win' for cyclists everywhere,- increased protections for vulnerable road users, and hopefully some more lanes put in! 

Laws to be changed regarding media conduct seem long overdue. We saw what happened to princess Di 'for a good story'-and riding in a bike trailer, she wasnt! 

I'll leave you with an article by Alan Davies at Crikey: -couldnt have said so better myself!

Keep safe, people! Will keep you abreast of developments. 

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"luckily for you, your not working in my industry."
Interesting enough, I was Melea. At the time of my being filmed incident 20+ years ago, I was a mid-career educator and well known in the local community, especially the education sector. I am retired now. So, yes I was 'sort of' working in your industry.
Of course, at the time I probably could have, should have been more concerned, (rather than being bemused), at being put unknowingly in the public eye as a filmable, parent/cyclist without a helmet (i.e. illegal, irresponsible) on the TV news. It could have had repercussions. My assessment at the time though was that it would not have repercussions.
Not surprisingly it was a very short-lived story. Even that level of media coverage is very ephemeral.
I am not sure who your employer is, but I'd urge caution in just how you 'follow this through'. Becoming embroiled in a public barney would possibly be a lot more risky to your career than the filming incident ...unpalatable as it was. Employers don't generally like media 'surprises'.
Sticking up for principles is great, but I'd suggest you be very strategic, rather than just reactive, in how you go about responding.
Just a few thoughts from an older cyclist.

I almost wish I still lived in Sydney so that we could organise "critical mass of bike trailers" protest ride calling for lower speed limits and get the media to cover that!

Melea if there's any way we can help at or let me know. We're partly responsible for the blow up after last night and we've been talking to Warren Luff as well.
Both websites have FB pages as well. Cycle's and SCA's supporters are right behind you and we aren't leaning out car windows as we're doing it :)


You are an inspiration to us all.

If you need help to fund a lawyer, I'm sure there are people here who will help. The behaviour from the people in that car was incredible - dangerous, predatory and clearly illegal.

Try to keep smiling. There are thousands of people all around the world supporting you!

thinking outside the box, you could put a big sign on your trailer "risky seen on a current affair" and then contact their competition today tonight to give them the opportunity to hang aca out to dry.

Who was the alleged "road safety expert" that they had? I am astonished they didn't dig up Harold to give a spiel!


Jonathon, it was Ian Luff

Dave I was wondering who Ian Luff is, how is he qualified to comment on something he obviously knows very little about? As far as I know he isn't the guy from Monash University Accident Research Centre, nor is he from the RMS, so who is he and what is his field of speciality appart from being a talking head?

A defensive drive expert, apparently

" A defensive drive expert ..."

... and hence in the business of making roads appear more dangerous than they actually are ...

My apologies Melea - I was curious to know what the road authority - nobody's (to use your analogy) qualifications were/are. Harold allegedly spent some time on Mosman councils traffic committee. Who is Ian Luff and what is his claim to be an expert?

It may be worth having a shot at complaining to ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) There is also the  I get the feeling there will be some idiot who will claim you were filmed in a public place and they will allege that they gave you an opportunity to reply (if you can call shouting at someone from a passing motor vehicle a conversation?). Then there will be the usual logic free argument about press freedom and all the other garbage about freedom of speech etc that will be repeated ad nauseam.


Jonathan, it was us that incited the Twitter campaign :)


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