I am a recreational cyclist from the northern beaches considering riding in the city area for the first time and was keen to know the best/safest route from Circular Quay to Moore Park as a start.

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Up Young St - left at Bent - right at Macquarie - when you reach Hyde Park go straight - through the park - verge left at the fountain - here you will get to the College St Cycleway. Then you go up to Oxford St - left here at the lights (i like to get into the left lane of Liverpool St going east).

Up Oxford St in the Bus / Taxi / Motorbike / Cyclelane - pay caution in this lane when people park in it as people open doors without knowing cyclists use it - the lane also disappears when you get up to the Flinders St lights.

At the Flinders St lights - you can either get into the right turning lanes to go down Flinders OR be like cautious people and use the ramp to the left to get onto the footpath around Taylor Sq - here you can wait for the lights to go to Pedestrians and Cyclists.  I use this option - then I proceed down Flinders - usually with a massive gap to any motorists coming behind me.

Race down Flinders in the middle lane (the left lane always has turning traffic) - stay in the middle lane all the way down to Moore Park Rd (don't use the left lane here - as you don't want to go left) - when the lights go green for going straight being in the middle lane will allow you to go straight and pick the ramp to get you on the Anzac Pde Sharepath (between the bus roadway and Anzac Pde.).

There are other options for less confident riders - these include riding on the footpath on Macquarie St - going through the Domain - using the Bourke St Cycleway - then the footpath on Fitzroy - or Parkham Ln.

Could also try Crown St from Oxford St, all the way to a left at Devonshire St and then Parkham off Bourke St to the crossing of Sth Dowling St.
Not a fan of Crown St. It forces you to choose between door-zone bike lanes and road-raging drivers. The Bourke St cycleway is a better option.

Rode south down Crown today, quite a wide shoulder lane. Couldnt resist stopping and measuring. 13 of my shoe lengths, about 3.9 m I reckon.  Actually meets the standards for a putting in a proper bike lane, southbound at least.  

Many thanks

I do this often enough, and know the options.

1a. Up Pitt St, left into Martin Place, right into Philip St, left at King St past the Supreme Court, and then cross over into Hyde Park, OR

1b, Head west on Alfred St, right at Philip St and then immediately left into Albert St (short and steep), right into Macquarie St, and follow that all the way to Hyde Park.

2. In Hyde Park, veer left at the fountain and join the College St cycleway. Follow it until the start of Oxford St, and go up Oxford St until Taylor Square (big intersection with Bourke and Flinders). At Taylor Square get onto the footpath on the left, and wait for the pedestrian lights to allow you to cross over into the Bourke St cycleway. Left at Parkham St, cross over South Dowling St at the lights, and you're in Moore Park!

Cycleways everywhere around there, and cycleways all the way into Centennial Park.

Albert St avoider: Use the lift from east side of CQ up to the Cahill Expressway shared path, roll down the exit ramp into the park with the old sandstone building remnants, and enter the grounds of Govt house at the side gate and take access road to main gate near the Con. Rejoin Macquarie St, or dodge through top bit of the Bot gardens behind the roses, watching for the wardens, and come out opposite the Library.
Yeah, forgot about that lift. Good way to gain some easy elevation.

Many thanks

Many thanks

Route map via google

Via two of the cycle lifts in Sydney

1) Catch the shared use lift up to Cahill Expressway shared use path

2) Travel east on Cahill Expressway shared use path

3) Follow the loop north, west, south at the stones onto Macquarie Street

4) Remember that continuations of cycleways, and all paths inside the domain/gardens are shared except if notified.  Travel south up the footpath looking thing on Macquarie Street within the law.

5) At the library, or nearby, cross into the domain

6) Cross Art Gallery Road at the gallery, turn downhill down their driveway towards the matches

7) Cross over the shared use bridge over major road and then take the shared use lift down to Bourke Street Cycleway

8) Follow Bourke Street Cycleway south (ignoring the William Street google error)

9) Turn left at the pedestrian looking crossing near the childcare centre, avoid the works in the park at the old Resches plant, cross the bridge over the major road, travel South on the Moore Park shared use path.

10) You're now at the Supa Centa

This route involves no roads, though you may need to walk across intersections or depending on your reading of the traffic rules on somethings that I would argue are designated shared use.  Most of the route is Bourke Street cycleway.

Yep, that's a good option. The only thing I don't like is taking the lift DOWN at the Art Gallery. I will often go this route in the reverse direction so I can take the lift UP.

Also, that lift doesn't fit my cargo bike :(


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