Shades of Lilyfield Rd! Appears to be resident opposition to CoS cycleway plan for Saunders St in Pyrmont (the street at foot of Anzac Bridge down ramp). CoS were wanting Saunders St to be made one way north for cars, so parking could be mostly retained but, as in the case of Lilyfield Rd, residents dont like the one way idea. So CoS has come back with another design, retaining two way access for cars, but losing a lot more car parking. Which way will the residents jump now!

The new design is open for comments for another week or so. Miller St design was apparently less controversial, a standard bi- di on north side of the road. 

Question I have is why no provision for cyclists heading to the Fishmarket or Glebe? Nice separated path for the Anzac Bridge route but just take your chances down Miller  on road and across Bank if going to Fishmarket. Probably left it for when the Fishmarket is relocated, hopefully as part of a cycleway to Glebe.

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Is the road to Fishmarket and Glebe a state road or a council road?

Miller and Saunders are Council roads. Pyrmont Bridge Rd is a State road. To get to Fishmarket from the CBD most cyclists would go via Union St and Miller Id say, crossing Bank St at the lights, but you can also go via Miller and Bulwarra Rd and use a shared path (newly declared) to the Fish-market and lights at Wattle St. CoS has also recently managed to get a shared path approved on Pyrmont Bridge Rd between Wattle and Wentworth Park Rd, on the south side. Long term I’m hoping they will build something along PB Rd through Glebe. CoS even put a plan to RMS in 2015 for a bi-di through Glebe but RMS reneged on what we thought was a deal. (see Pyrmont Bridge Rd Working Group)

Hi Bob,

Does Bike Leichhardt have a preferred option?


Neither option provides for cyclists wanting to get to the Fishmarket. The bi-di down Miller just leaves you on a pedestrian crossing on Saunders, with a two stage crossing of Miller and Bank Sts to get to the Fishmarket. Thats if you used the bi-di, it would be easier to use the road. Cue complaints about cyclists not using the bike path.

The bi-di seems to be mainly about eliminating the current  right turn into Saunders from Miller, through a slot in the median, at soeed, with cars possibly coming off Bank St, which is a bit dangerous, but cyclists coming down Saunders will still want to cross Miller to get to the Fishmarket. Nothing provided for that movement. 

Fish market Access is critical hey.

Michelle and I catered for 50, having loaded the pre-ordered fish into panniers. Singlespeed at that.

It all went swimmingly, without any salmoning albeit some lane-taking car slowing by choosing a hilly fish ladder like route to our biggest and final house on George Street

A very fishy story! I salmoned up Bulwara Rd the other day, towards Allen St. Dicey crossing Allen to continue further south, but avoids Harris St. Things havnt improved much in that area for years, still dodging around.

Maybe they have other plans for access to the new  Fishmarket, but Miller St would still be part of any route, given the mess on PB Rd between Bank St and Harris St. And no doubt the current Fishmarket site will become a residential or commercial block, requiring bike access.


On the basis of the last 12+ years "progress" it will all be under water before anything worthwhile happens. I expect to be giving up the bike sometime during the next 50 years and taking up a kayak.

and ill be banging on about kayak access to the Fishmarket, which I suppose might be an issue. 

Especially because the State Government will be building new MotorBoat Tollways everywhere due to the WasteConnex tunnels all being full of water and the rich bastards will still need to get between the few islands above sea level (mostly on the former "north shore"), we will also be campaigning to get close passing distance requirements between motor boats and kayaks but the water police will oppose it because it is too difficult to accurately judge the distance in choppy conditions. Plenty to keep you busy Bob


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