If you're reading this now you mustn't have tried out the new green bicycle lane in Lilyfield.  It's on Catherine Street (Leichhardt side) where it meets the CityWest link.

The bike lane is painted on the right side of the cars turning left.  It has a forward pointing arrow which, directs you onto a one way street with the cars coming straight towards you (that's the Lilyfield Rd side of Catherine Street).   Madness!  

The only possible explanation is that the green paint person came along, held the map upside down and didn't realise that the green paint was already and correctly on the other side of the City West link.

Shame there was no bicycle lantern installed on that set of lights for cyclist approaching from Lilyfield Road.

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Good question Margo

I think there was a contraflow bike lane planned to deal with the one-way part of Catherine Street, although somewhat historic and subject to delay & kerfuffle. I have attached a pdf I found online, which has a drawing on page 9.

I can't see how it is supposed to work northbound. I might have a look when I am back in town at the weekend.

Marigot, I've reported this several times to RMS. I'm sure they were supposed to put in bike lights for both crossings. No response from RMS, tho they came out after my first complaint and marked the lanes with arrows and logos. The southbound lane over the bridge works as intended, except pedestrians and cyclists are using the gap in the safety fence on the footpath outside the light rail entrance to cross Catherine St. I've seen a few cyclists give up trying to use the northbound system, which has no green phase allocated to cyclists so puts them in the path of buses etc coming south out of Catherine St. I put some photos up in Photos a week or so ago.

I knew you would be on this Bob!

First raised with the then RTA in about 2000! We pointed out that there was no legal way for northbound cyclists to cross the CWL via Catherine St, since all four lanes were one way south. Everyone of course just rode illegally on the east side footpath, using the pedestrian lights, but it's narrow and has a blind corner at Lilyfield Rd and other problems. T here was a meeting on site with John Brewer, head of the RMS bicycle section (too pesky/successful, so they abolished it), and he told his second in command, who wasn't that keen on doing anything, "just do it", referring to putting in a light phase for northbound cyclists so they could access the western unused footpath. It turned out that the wiring was in place and so was a kerb ramp, but somehow the project got deferred again and again. It finally got approved about 2011 but then the old plan got reworked and a new southbound lane added and the original footpath bike lane leading to the lights got changed to the central bike lane in the attached photo. Then there were more delays until construction finally happened last year, and now the lights people have obviously spat the dummy and are leaving a very unsafe situation.
Joy. Not.

As with the College/Park intersection in the city, a top spot for a future
Tried the Council too, but staff still on holidays.

Great service eh.

Our planning officer is on holidays too, yet she has set the deadline for submission/objection for a 6 storey apartment block opposite us for a day before she returns.

Consultation anyone?

I wonder if the signal changes are to come all the same... especially if a little pressure were to be applied.

The section where the gap is in the safety fence - 'NO ENTRY' has been spray painted onto the green cycle lane, as it's not a contraflow lane.

Today I watched a cyclist crossing from Catherine towards Lilyfield Rd.  He crossed over the CWL to the skinny footpath on the Balmain Rd side of Catherine St but was sort of stuck in the middle of the CWL while buses and cars headed towards him or turned right in front of him.

I think I know what might have gone wrong.  The contractor thought that contraflow meant going INTO the traffic, not against it.

Exactly as I fear, a northbound cyclist might get run down trying to make the shared footpath on the western side of Catherine.Could you and anyone else who has seen this new lane please send a complaint to RMS, via the form that is listed on the front page of Sydney Cyclist?

They really should close the new northbound bike lane (the one in the photo in the middle of the road) in Catherine St until they put in a bike light.

Or just put the light in eh.

That would take, oooh, about an hour.

The mind boggles.

The bike lane is now blocked off.


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