If you're reading this now you mustn't have tried out the new green bicycle lane in Lilyfield.  It's on Catherine Street (Leichhardt side) where it meets the CityWest link.

The bike lane is painted on the right side of the cars turning left.  It has a forward pointing arrow which, directs you onto a one way street with the cars coming straight towards you (that's the Lilyfield Rd side of Catherine Street).   Madness!  

The only possible explanation is that the green paint person came along, held the map upside down and didn't realise that the green paint was already and correctly on the other side of the City West link.

Shame there was no bicycle lantern installed on that set of lights for cyclist approaching from Lilyfield Road.

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funny term that, must ring the contact person on that email and ask what sort of personality these lights will have. Hope the light phase allows a decent amount of crossing time, otherwise northbound cyclists will just continue to use the existing pedestrian crossing, which may or may not be a shared crossing for southbound cyclists. Maybe they will put in bike lights there too. Any bets on how long it will take? I'm guessing 6 months.

I expect that they will be narcissistic, but hey.

Since it is a long crossing I hope they:

1) Allow green long enough to safely cross, per Bob's comment

2) Do the lantern properly with 3 seconds of yellow, since it is a vehicular crossing not a pedestrian crossing and those vehicles may approach at speed.

So, over a year since the last update on this thread and the cones have been removed, the covers have come off the bicycle lights and the barriers have been removed.

Excellent, I thought, I shall give it a go.

Needless to say that my non-carbon bike failed to get registered by the sensors despite me sitting square in the middle of the green cycle lane, no green signal, nothing.

My bike, whilst non-carbon, is lightweight, if anyone has a larger steel conveyance they can see if they get any response.

What a complete waste of money if it doesn't even register a bike.

I saw the lights were activated when I was there on Saturday (in a car).  I actually had the car on the green lane bit to see if the lights would activate and if the green bike light still leads you onto the path of oncoming traffic.  Nothing.  The bicycle light is so high up the pole!

I did notice that there is a green cycle lantern next to the green pedestrian lantern for cyclist headings from the light rail stop over to Catherine St. Is that new? It's very nice. 

This intersection has been a cycling infrastructure work in progress for about a decade now.

The bike lights on the pedestrian crossing have been in for a few weeks and working, but the light for northbound cyclists has been installed, and signs put up etc but doesn't work, as you say. It's always on red. I've tried it several times in last week or two. I've seen a couple of cyclists take a chance and go north on the bike red, when no cars coming the other way. I suppose it's legal, if a light isn't working I think you can wait and go if safe. Just be sure it's not green for city west traffic. But better to just use the ped crossing, since it's legal to ride across there. But not legal to ride north on the footpath, or to contra flow it up the kerbside lane to Lilyfield Rd.

IWBC has contacted Council about it, and they aren't returning calls. Suggestion from Bike Saint is to ring 131700 and pester a human at the Traffic Management Centre until they do something about it.

Finally got word from Council. They say the contractor responsible for installing the bike lights  has "stuffed up", again, and it is proving hard to get them to fix the problem- company having difficulties I was told.  This would be one of the companies that RMS contracts work out to, since RMS doesn't do this kind of work anymore. Surely there must be other companies that could step in. 

It gets funnier with every installation! The orange barricades were back on the green bicycle waiting area this morning.

The bike crossing has been operating for 6 months or so now. It  allows northbound cyclists waiting in the little green bike lane to cross  to the path over the bridge on the west side, when cars are turning left out of Catherine. The main problem is that it isn’t an automatic green, so if you are a few seconds late at the intersection you will have to wait another cycle, which is about 90 or sometimes 100 seconds. Even if you arrive a few seconds early before the change it won’t work. And if you move off the sensor it won’t go green either. And you only get 6 seconds while cars turning left get 20 to 30 seconds. And you have to have faith that the cars coming south towards you and wanting to turn right have a red arrow. They do, for about 20 seconds, so in fact you have about 10 to 15 seconds after the bike lantern goes red, but don’t risk it, because there is one phase where the CWL starts up citybound while left turners get a few sneaky seconds at end of the cycle, so don’t dart across then. Buses turning left trigger the bike lights sometimes, so they may actually assist by blocking the bike lane, if you have arrived late. Cars too I guess, tho they don’t tend to queue in the bike lane. Fascinating watching it all. Yeah, I know.

I asked the RMS why it isn’t an automatic green and they said if a cyclist triggers the crossing the computer adds about 6 or so seconds to the opposing flow (right turn for vehicles out of Catherine onto the CWL, westbound)  that have to wait, to make up for it, and this reduces overall time for east west flow on the CWL, which “mounts up” and can cause delays. But, those cars have to wait for the left turners out of Catherine anyway, maybe for 10 to 15 seconds, so cyclists are not causing any delays except occasionally when no or only a few left turners. Anyway, the lights on the CWL are all controlled and matched etc and times can be varied to maintain flow, so surely I’m being fed a load of bull. Anyone know enough to tackle RMS on this? 

Thanks for following this up Bob.  If there was a green marking on the road to show oncoming drivers that  it was a cycle crossing zone it would be a slight  improvement.  It sounds like either the RMS  aren't sure or can't confirm that it's safe.  


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