Does anyone know where I can pick up a classic steel lugged road frame.


Ideally I'd like a Bianchi but would be happy with anything Italian. Ideally new.


< $1,500.


Needs to be in the range ~56.5 - 58.





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Here's a hand made Italian Colnago that would be nice. Might be over the budget though.
Thx Edward. Aren't these being manufactured in Taiwan?

"Made in Italy with DT15V steel,"

I read somewhere that the guy, who used to make them up, came out of retirement to do them again. Apparently the paintjob is not that great.

56cm is $3000 (on sale) from KOM

I have this frame sitting in the garage. Belgium not Italian, Merckx Corsa Extra, Columbus SLX, size 58 but I don't think I can bring myself to sell it.

I also have a white Moser size 60 am which I would sell may be outside your size


Beautiful. Just looking at them makes me weep. ;-) Thx for sharing.

Have you seen the one Yogi is selling ? It might be a bit small but otherwise perfect.

Please leave some for me :-)

Lots of steel frame bike porn.



Great links. Thx
Thx Damian. I really can't compromise on size. I've got ridiculously long legs with a short body ...and dodgy knees. I need at least 56-56.5cm. Ideally I'd be looking at 58cm. Drastic's Moser looks interesting.
Beautiful bike Yogi.

You might like to check out this link on the DHBC forum: "Steel Frames For Sale - Great for retro build or fixed-gear".





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