Hi all,

I've been off this forum for a while...

On the bike today got my first reportable (i.e. video front & rear) close pass.

Firstly, can someone tell me is a 70 zone 1 metre or 1.5 metres?

Secondly, what software (pref idiot level easy) do people use for putting the two together?

Thirdly, tips for reporting.

Without going into too much detail, it was on Richmond road heading towards Marsden Park. Thought it was close, then I reviewed the video & realised just how close. Totally unnecessary punishment pass.

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While looking for something else today, I came across this - surprisingly in a Murdoch paper - "Are cyclist's fair game in Australia?" It's a couple of years old, but it's an article that is still current and very well written.

Here's the vid from my incident that successfully resulted in a traffic infringement notice being issued.

Nice work! I wish a few dozen others would be fined along that stretch! A lot of cars and trucks show no mercy to cyclists on that tight stretch from Forest Way to the Alambie Rd.

Yeah, it's a pretty fraught stretch of road for some reason. I've had a number of incidents in that area. Traffic flow is bad and congestion is bad, so I think tempers get easily frayed and cyclists are a soft target.

I was intentionally hit and knocked to the ground a few years ago, heading to work going the other way just past the pedestrian bridge by a hater that worked for a large mail order company based in Ryde (you can google who that might be for yourselves), who then took off without offering any assistance. Hit and run.

Fortunately he was detained by an off-duty cop who witnessed the collision so I got all my equipment damage sorted through his company's insurance, although the company was pretty rude when I called to chase up on the claim. Unfortunately the "beyond reasonable doubt" test could not be met for him doing it intentionally, so no criminal charges were laid apart from 6 demerit points. I spent 4 days in hospital and still have the Ti in my hand. My first bit of bike-related titanium equipment ;-)

That incident permanently ended my trust of motorists doing the right thing, and running cameras became part of my therapy as they acted as a circuit breaker. If the incident really is as bad as I think then I can seek redress through legal channels instead of taking things into my own hands.

I'll admit to a sense of satisfaction on successfully giving one of the bullies a legal black eye in return for his behaviour.

JEESUS! You are getting some good karma then!

I've only ridden it a dozen or so times in weekday morning traffic and have copped an absolute spray of abuse once from some lunatic in a 5T truck who could have easily gone past me legally but decided to tailgate me while standing on his horn and then pulling level with me and screaming at me for 100m. Psycho.


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