Hi all,

I've been off this forum for a while...

On the bike today got my first reportable (i.e. video front & rear) close pass.

Firstly, can someone tell me is a 70 zone 1 metre or 1.5 metres?

Secondly, what software (pref idiot level easy) do people use for putting the two together?

Thirdly, tips for reporting.

Without going into too much detail, it was on Richmond road heading towards Marsden Park. Thought it was close, then I reviewed the video & realised just how close. Totally unnecessary punishment pass.

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I had a close pass on June 12 at Frenchs Forest just near The Forest High School. The clown, in a green Commodore SS ute, passed me right on the 40km/hr School Zone markings. 

Reviewing the footage, his left wheel kissed the left edge of the zero while I went through the middle of the 4. This afforded an opportunity to go back and take some measurements, which I did the following Monday night. He left me less than 600mm in a speed zone that requires 1500mm (1.5m).

I sent the footage, along with a covering letter and pro-forma statement with screen captures and an edited still showing measurements, by Registered Mail to the local cop shop.

The TIN was issued last Monday night after the cop I had been dealing with returned from holidays.

Happy with the result. I now have another two to lodge.

good work!

Great news! Another vindication of video evidence.

Help me out please... What's a "TIN"?


Traffic incident number

Sorry, it's Traffic Infringement Notice.

Police jargon for a "ticket" - in other words, he has been fined and demerited.

He has 21 days to say he will contest it, which I'd be surprised if he does as he apparently confessed to the officer that he knew what he'd done.

Interesting. If they "Cop it sweet" then I'm inclined to believe that they may accept that they've done wrong & perhaps even learn from it?

 What's a "TIN"?

Ha ha - as an aside (now the main topic has been dealt with) my mother was born in Rugby (UK) and had her third birthday on the boat out to NZ. She went back for the first time about 30 years later and one of the first things was change some money. The London bank teller asked her "and how would you like it?" to which Mum replied "in tens please" meaning 10 pound notes. The bank teller paused for a moment before looking over her glassed and replying "I'm sorry madam, we don't provide tins".

While travelling in NZ in 1974, wife and I had to buy a 2 man tent in Christchurch due to our plans turning to custard for various reasons. We didn't get to pitch it until a few days later in Dunedin (very Scottish accents) as a storm was brewing. I found that there were no pegs to go around the bottom of the tent, so I went into the camp store and asked whether they had any tent pegs. The bird came back with a packet of tampax. It relieved a lot of tension from that afternoon. I managed to get the required pegs from a camp store in the town just before closing.

Then, in the late 1980's I'd been doing some work in some NZ private hospitals, and they were talking about "theatre lusts" which translated to Oz operating "theatre lists". While over in USA visiting other hospitals a year or so later, we were talking about accents and I mentioned the NZ "theatre lust" experience. One of the nurses said that they get that in USA too! That brought a few laughs.

Ha ha - so did the tint survive the night?

Yep. Had it for a few years but it was pretty ordinary and I don't recall using it after NZ.

Epic thread drift, lol!

Dabba, your use if the term 'bird' is really offensive. Please change it. If anyone wants a reason why so few females contribute to this website anymore, it's because of comments like that.


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