Hi all,

I've been off this forum for a while...

On the bike today got my first reportable (i.e. video front & rear) close pass.

Firstly, can someone tell me is a 70 zone 1 metre or 1.5 metres?

Secondly, what software (pref idiot level easy) do people use for putting the two together?

Thirdly, tips for reporting.

Without going into too much detail, it was on Richmond road heading towards Marsden Park. Thought it was close, then I reviewed the video & realised just how close. Totally unnecessary punishment pass.

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Pretty much, so 1970s too.

I hope the term is not too offensive, apparently dating back to the middle ages when the allegedly virgin Mary was referred to as the 'blissful bird of grace'. I'm glad I looked that up because until I did I assumed it was all about chicken.

Damned backward English banks. When I were a lad... The Commonwealth Bank used to provide lovely tins, all rectangular and bank-shaped with a nice little slot in the top to accept monies. And those Poms have the nerve to look down on us colonials!

  Just returned from 6 months  in eu to find these crazy laws in NSW - im a commute rider mainly -  so  though i am usually  on the road with the bike, in unsafe areas and at v busy times i used to slowly cycle on the footpath - so now forced into the road but with no cycling infrastructure in place.

 the 1 metre rule if it worked could help but when there is a truck or a bus wanting to pass on a 1  lane each way road, with cars parked and  oncoming traffic, as i discovered, the bus isnt going to wait, it is  going to scrape past me as it did yesterday.

 seems that the protesting  on this site  just stopped in feb this year.  why?

And i just keep seeing cars go through reds,  people  smsing and driving and cyclists are just  targets in a city with minimal cycling infrastructure and motorists that are so far behind the rest of the world in terms of attitude to cyclists.

 does  any one know of a mountable cam that also indicates distance of passing vehicles?  Heard of C3FT but  no can i  believe.

It may seem that the protesting on this site has diminished, but for me at least, the outrage remains. But pragmatically, there is little that can be done about the fine increases. They were challenged in parliament, the challenge failed. They are here to stay until the next election at the least. 

But if Gay insists on the ID rule, there will be protesting against that come February and March. I suspect it could lead to a high court challenge or some such thing, depending on how the legislation is worded, but I also suspect, perhaps naively, that Gay may not go through with it.

As for cars, and busses scraping past you, claim the lane, right wheel track,  and don't let them. I don't give a fuck anymore, my life is more important than any amount of horn blasting. They can wait. 

Im not so concerned about fines - i personally get  pissed when i see cyclists run red lights becasue it gives motorists fuel to feel  hard done by by a cyclist , and its unsafe. I am pissed off that we are forced onto roads, and that we are forced with no infrastructure. In eu i cycled on paths ( carefully use bell)  and in roads with no hassle. whats wrong with australian whingers ? even in tokyo where there are millions of people!! Oxford street in sydney is wide enough on the path to have a bike zone instead im forced in to a bus lane at leak hour with almost every bus serving the east on my tail. and its up hill - im  fast, but not as fast as a bus.

who do i write to?  is there a light or sensor out there that warns motorists they are too close?

sydney is touted as an international city... restaurants that close kitchens at 930 and 10 pm, together with lock outs make it a dull village,  and these new bike laws just make us even more stupid.

The irony is that cars over take, and we just meet up at the lights anyway.

and Under Freedom of info,  can we find out how many motoritists have been fined for passing too close?


If the fines aren't a concern why don't you continue to cycle slowly on the footpath? It was illegal before the hike in fines. I know I still ride slowly on the footpath when I choose to cycle - but now I always wear my foam hat and stop and wait like a dufus at traffic lights whilst all the pedestrians cross against the red. Guess the new fines had their intended chilling effect as I ride much less often, well done Gay, one less person doing short utility trips by bicycle - its less stress just to blend in and drive my SUV.

 to clarify - yes the fines are a concern but the bigger issue  for  me is safety , being forced onto a road with no infrastructure - and im peak hour, its insane. gay.... who is that?

>gay.... who is that?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbvYkATHYMQ - the man behind the nonsense.

Make sure you don't view that video after eating or for that matter before eating. Duncan Gay the smirking troglodyte at 5:00 with his "I'm saving cyclists lives by making them not ride bicycles" is about the most disgusting sophistry I've seen from a mealy mouthed NSW politician.

oh .... i am dumbfounded... he wants to protect cyclists? bike lanes please. Or shared zones on foot paths as in paris, tokyo etc. and an education campaign on TV for motorists. this is insane. Australia is so archaic in so many ways. and its getting worse.

Welcome back to the Corporate Authoritarian Regime, with new laws in place to inhibit protests.

The last one was pretty well kettled and controlled too.

If we can send people to the moon...


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