Hi all,

I've been off this forum for a while...

On the bike today got my first reportable (i.e. video front & rear) close pass.

Firstly, can someone tell me is a 70 zone 1 metre or 1.5 metres?

Secondly, what software (pref idiot level easy) do people use for putting the two together?

Thirdly, tips for reporting.

Without going into too much detail, it was on Richmond road heading towards Marsden Park. Thought it was close, then I reviewed the video & realised just how close. Totally unnecessary punishment pass.

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1 metre in speed zones of 60km/h or less, otherwise 1.5

1) 1.5m for a 70km/h zone.

2) Movie Make in Windows is simple enough to use.

3) Take the video to the local police station along with written details of the time, location, direction etc.

Also make sure you have know the rule that has been broken (in this case it sounds likeRoad Rules 2014 Rule 144-1 (1)) this way the officer you speak to can't say they don't know what rule has been broken or say that no rule has been broken.

In addition to this you may need to remind the office of the NSW Police Handbook where is says:

Investigation of serious driving complaints

When in receipt of a complaint from a member of the public regarding a serious driving offence, police will;

When the complainant is prepared to provide a statement and attend Court as a witness, thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action against any offender/s identified.

Don't allow yourself to be fobbed off.

where possible, even if you use

Unless you have a very strong wish to pursue it, don't waste your time. From the way you worded your post, it didn't sound like you really felt strongly about it.

One of the things that plod will try to stuff you about with will be the distance between you and the vehicle. I'd recommend that if possible you use something in the background as a reference point for distances. You will also need to point out to plod the position that your right extremity was in the frame because they think that the distances are measured from the camera. The pic below was of my most recent case, and I didn't feel sufficiently motivated to fight the b/s, so I let it go after reporting it to plod.

Newcastle Foreshore, heading towards Nobby's beach!

Wait, this isn't a WITWIMB, is it?

It's just a few kms NE of Trunkey Creek.

Cyclist captures close call with truck on video, renewing demands for safe passing laws


"Rosebud police, who later told him that they interviewed the driver captured in the video but would not be fining or charging him."

Why not?

Totally insane - not even a fine. Essentially VIC Police are saying dear cyclists don't bother reporting any road incidents we just don't care.

So sad :(


Richard, I encourage you to pursue it vigorously, if the Victorian one above does not encourage you how about this one also today

Cyclist killed in hit-and-run at West Footscray, driver flees scene on foot



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