I need to find some hills to ride up, given that I live in Parramatta there are not many hills around the area for some good training.

Any ideas as to the closest location to Parramatta?

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Steven, depending on how far you want to ride, but this BN ride has the coffee stop in Parramatta park.  The whole ride (except for the section from Parra to meadowbank) is hilly - up-down-up-down.  There are no climbs of several kms duration though if that's what you are looking for.  You would have to ride over to Epping, through Lane Cove NP and ride up Kissing Point Road and perhaps over to Bobbin Head.


by the way, just click on the links "Google map" and "Cue sheet" to look at the details of the route.



Try North Rocks Road starting from the North Parramatta/Northmead end. (very long Rd) There is also Dorothy Street in Wentworthville (short but steep and winding), Binnalong Rd in Toongabbie/Wentworthville (starting from Wentworth Avenue end), Oaks Road in Winston Hills (this is just across the road from T-Way and cyclepath so you can head out to Windsor) 

There are many others in the Winston Hills area, these are just off the top of my head.





consider adding sand bags to your bike and riding up what you have nearby.

I ride back from the city going down North Rocks Rd from Epping I tend to do the full loop going home. I will check out the North Rocks Rd from Northmead near bunnings.

I was looking at a Galston gorge type of run (several kms of constant climbing)

Galston Gorge done at the end of a 200km ride, its the only way to truly love that hill.

Nothing around Hills or Parra will give you a Gorge equivalent however if you work a loop out from Nth Rocks Road, left into Oakes rd left into Aiken right into Taylor which turns into highs rd -- following it to the top at Castle Hill road and then reverse the whole thing -- there is plenty of climbing ( and downhill) in that -- Just do not do it during peak hour as the very top of Highs Rd at CH rd  end is tight Everything else is not too bad .

Keen on Galston Gorge?  I reckon you could do Galston/Berowra from Parramatta, about 60-65km, 2 beaut climbs and a ferry ride, and be home in 3 hours.  Traffic wise, I wouldn't recommend you do in on a weekday.

Another alternative is to ride a false flat two or three gears higher than comfortable. Hold a steady cadence at about 75 rpm & just push until you can't. roll back the other way spinning an easy gear. turn around & repeat.

Tdu 2012 bupa challenge and fitz's epic

Mt Pleasant, eh?? Sounds nasty!

Pleasant in one direction!

I got around to picking up a GPS computer last week, which measures vertical ascent and therefore gradient. Although most of them are short, I was surprised how many bits of my commute peak out at 15-20% (or -15 - -20%, depending on which direction you're going). I was also pleasantly surprised to see that many of the slopes you assume are the standard "4-5%" are actually 6-7%. Does this make any difference to anything? No. Just more data to play with...


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