Clover and Sydney are not alone. NYC under attack for its bike lane policy.

There are some lessons here for Sydney. NYC has done a lot of good work, on my second last visit I was able to circumnavigate the whole of Manhattan Island. It has become very bicycle friendly.

What is it with the radical right that they hate bicycles so much?

Struggling to control the controversy over one of its signature transportation policies, the Bloomberg administration is embarking on an unusual kind of political campaign: convincing New Yorkers that bicycle lanes are good for them.


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Streetsblog made the point today that the Bloomberg administration isn't attempting to convince New Yorkers - the opinion polls show they're already convinced. The people they're trying to convince are the media, who seem to run a perpetually negative campaign against the bike lanes.
Just to add to my comment; the CoS is in a similar position - they have a popular policy with their constituents, but it's unpopular with the media and the wider population. It's a little worse for the CoS because they are only a small part of wider Sydney, and very different demographically, and so the forces against them seem stronger.

Well worth reading in view of Barry O'Farrell's comments on bike lanes ( and the amazing things that have been done in NYC - NYC's  Sadik-Khan's presentation at a recent City Talks at Sydney Town Hall was really interesting.


You can listen to an interrview with NYC Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson ( in which he discusses a legal campaign against bike lanes, citizen support, etc.


We've already had some of this nonsense here, and it may get worse (or better if we work at it).




The BOF's anticycling rant was just a politicall stunt to try and get rid of clover.
I got a response from gladys

"Do not worry.... We are strong supporters of promoting cycling.
Gladys  "

I received the same yesterday.

Yeah, it looks like BOF's stunt didn't achieve its aim and the Greens are likely to take Verity's seat after all, as well. Woohoo!

Re the radical right hating bikes - the top-of-my-head response (and there'd be much more to it than this) is that they detest the facts that (a) they empower their riders with self-powered, on-demand transport and (b) relatedly, once someone's bought a bike and any associated compulsories (helmet, lights), they need not necessarily buy a single thing more: no need for on-going fuelling, rego, parking, cleaning, tune-ups, etc. (Yes, yes, I'm partial to bike bling, too - but you see what I mean...)

yep, a mean desire to disempower the free plus a desire to control/milk their spending/earnings.

Message: run life to depend upon buying little
There was also the suggestion that radio shock jocks survive on people stuck in cars - they get money from car ads, insurance ads, traffic congestion news etc etc. So its in their best interest to be against cycle lanes and cyclists as they are people that wont listen to them. Not that they would have listened to them anyway.

Hi roccocobean :).

I've had the same suspicion for some time. There is, I think, a large degree of sour grapes in  their attitude.

Michael T.


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