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Fractured her ankle - a little less dramatic.

Poor blossom.
Fractured her ankle - a little less dramatic

Try telling that to this ankle fracture victim currently absent-without-leave (at least from SC). ;-)
Oh god. I can already hear Alan Jones having a field day with this one. I'm sure that the bike-haters will make a huge deal out of any bike accident on the new paths but an accident involving Clover will be worse!

I hope she is ok and back on her bike soon
I am sure all the bike haters will love it. But they will be missing the point (as usual)

Given the choise between the ocassional sports injury or heart disease, obesity and all the other "lifestyle disorders" I know what I would take.
So unfortunate, especially for somebody who has done so much for cycling.

I hope it's not too serious & that she recovers quickly.
She continued to ride on, but an X-ray the next day confirmed that she had fractured her ankle.

Is it possible to have any more respect for this lady?
Best wishes and speedy recovery.
The illustrious journos "people who work at" DT has finally cottoned on!

Clover's a cycling statistic
"OH, the irony. Clover Moore has joined a growing trend of middle-aged cycling enthusiasts nursing broken bones and injuries."

Amazingly, they published my comment on that bs story:

The benefits to health of cycling far outweigh the injuries to its participants. The same can not be said of motoring.

"In the past decade almost 24,000 cyclists have been treated in hospital" is a pretty meaningless statistic (where? in NSW? Australia? the world?) when the nature of the injuries is not detailed. How many were treated as a result of being hit by cars because the driver was not taking due care? How many other people, including pedestrians, have been treated in hospital for injuries due to car crashes? How many have been treated for diseases caused by sedentary,car-based lifestyles? How many have been killed by cars?

Cycling saves the community money and it is time the Telegraph stopped its scare campaign against cyclists and looked at the bigger transport picture where single-occupant cars are causing gridlock and health problems as well as detriment to the environment. Every cyclist commuting to work is one fewer car clogging the roads, freeing up a parking space and easing the strain on the health system and on taxpayers.

(Does that make my comment bs?)
The DT loves these stories because it sparks outrage on both sides.
The more verbal traffic it causes, the more they will print them.
Clearly you are more reasonable than me, mine has still not made it after 4 hours and I refrained from calling Tele readers fat, Ignorant, uneducated morons with the collective intelligence of an ant
Clearly ;-)

So what did you call Tele readers? And are the "people who work at DT" any different??

My favourite comment of the ones I have bothered to read is this, from a guy so dumb he can't even spell "idiots":

tigerbill Posted at 10:44 AM Today

To all the cyclist commenting, why dont you start paying to use the roads like the rest of us and i find it funny you bring in the health aspect of it ( sucking in car pollution constantly.Iditos!). Most of you are a bunch of weedy pencil neck loosers who think they look good in lycra. Go for a run at the park instead and stay off the motorist funded roads.

Comment 48 of 80
"..So what did you call Tele readers? And are the "people who work at DT" any different??.."

Not before 11pm there might be kiddies watching now


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