No doubt this will be buried in the middle of the paper...

Clover is given the chance to respond to the attacks from big bad Barry O

Expressing concerns about the extension of Sydney's network of bike lanes was also a direct contradiction to the fact that his transport masterplan, recently released, says biking and walking have become popular in recent years and the government should maintain the trend by expanding cycling and walking networks.

Sydney on a bike path to global greatness

I think she makes a lot of sense.

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Problem is the article is too long. Most Terror readers don't get past the 2nd paragraph.

No bullshit required when you are doing things right. Good article

In the tele you say?

Indeed, worth a thread of its own (

But, as I said, is she asking for trouble:

Should MPs who are also local mayors be allowed to moonlight as Tele journalists as well?

Tele point of view: Fair and balanced reporting, tick! Now back to bike bashing...

BTW for all those who like yet more pro bike - anti bike lanes - pro Moore - anti Moore comments - the comments are now up at the Tele.

And of course many of the comments will be from people like Kat of Minto Heights who, in her comment, states "..., I couldn't be bothered to read this drivel." so will obviously know exactly what she's talking about.

she can type though, good girl, now run along

"My mind* is made up, don't confuse me with the facts".

Don't use your so called "facts" and "logic" here.

(*ok I was being generous Kat of Minto Heights obviously doesn't have a mind).

Well done Clover. Left supportive comment, see if it gets published.

Curious why Clover doesn't cycle though...seems a shame.

I get the feeling this is to avoid Media Watch calling them biased on this one. Notice how they could not come up with anything pro-cycling or pro-Clover!

Clover is doing something you can see the bike lanes, Bazza,Bof,Barry where are the new roads, railway lines, trains,hospitals and ferries you promised.Everyone can do the talk few can walk the walk or in our case cycle,stop talking & do something including fixing NSW traffic problems. There is a pool fence over Birrell lake south coast NSW on the Princess Highway this stops your car if you went off the road into the lake . The locals and users have asked for it to be fixed it was held together at one time by locals putting cable ties on it, the fence still exists and would have over a thousand vehicles over it daily Easy to fix if they are serious they are not they just like to talk .


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