Clover's man scrapping Oxford St Bus/Bikelane

This is disappointing.

Just saw in the local paper that Alex Greenwich is lobbying for the removal of the afternoon clearway on Oxford St.

In otherwords, this would be the loss of the afternoon Bus/Bike lane. An awful outcome for cyclists.

The PM Buslane gives a somewhat safe route for cyclists commuting east from the CBD to Bondi/ Bondi Junction etc. Instead we would be dealing with a lane full of parked cars. 


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The meeting of the City of Sydney Council (28 July 2014)

See Item 3.2 of the meeting agenda here.

Critically, note the detail of the recommendations:

"It is resolved that Council ask the Lord Mayor to write to NSW Minister for Roads and Freight, Duncan Gay, requesting: 

(A) the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) remove the Oxford Street clearway and
introduce a 40 km/h speed limit on Oxford Street; and

(B) the RMS, City of Sydney and Woollahra Council investigate relocating the existing bus lane to a centre lane."

Bus lane in the centre? How would you get on?

Hope Bikeast and Padsoc also write to the RMS on this, asking for elimination of traffic lanes. They made the point in their earlier submission that the traffic capacity is determined mostly by the intersection at Moore Park rd etc, so no need for 6 lanes. Ocean Rd apparently has more traffic than Oxford St and is only four lanes.

Bus lane in the centre? How would you get on?

I imagine the bus stops would still be at the kerb :)

That's not too bad. We'd still have big red bike lane, but with a 40kph speed limit for surrounding traffic. Better in some ways.

But that big red bike lane will be worse for buses with all the drivers getting in and out of parking spaces, added to all the people on bikes slowing the buses down, just as they do now.

Yep, looks like we've been thrown to the dogs.

How can parking be the issue? You can park there during prime shopping hours (10-4) and all weekend. And the offpeak side of the road always has parking. That hasn't saved the shops.

Plus, this shopping strip has probably the best bus service in Australia. Literally there's a bus to the city or Bondi every minute or two. There's maybe ten different bus routes that use this corridor.

If, as they are now claiming, the main objective is now to put some separation between the buses and the footpath (which I sorta get) - then put in a Copenhagen Lane. Why dedicate so much space to the storage of private cars?

They should do it as a test case. I bet it makes not one bit of difference to business or retail vacancy rates (there are other factors at play on on Oxford street, general retail decline, changing fashion and demographics). Just make 'em promise that in in 6 months when they have proved it was not the problem they start building the bike lanes.

The coalition of support is interviewed in the local (News Ltd) press.

A key opportunity requirement here is to monitor the resulting kerbside parking usage (undertake regular parking surveys) once the clearways have been removed. Will it be that the newly-created parking capacity be used by shoppers? office workers? shop owners? residents?  Time to draw some evidence around the urban myth that retail success is dependent on kerbside parking....

Maybe time for a "Ghost Bike" outside Greenwich's office.

Clearway stays after 4 pm.
Obviously one of the factors in this decision by RMS was the safety of commuting cyclists. Just have to work on those bus drivers now.


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