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Hi found out there is a flat tube that can be put into a tyre without taking the wheel off. I attended a course that Bikewise did through the City Of Sydney called Bike Maintenance and they had one in the workshop. I have an ebike and if i get a flat ont he back where the motor is then i have to walk the damn thing home rather than changing the tube or patching as its too hard to get the wheel off. Saw a couple of youtube videos on this product and its easy to insert into the tyre when you flick one side open after taking the other tube out. Ofcourse u wud have to cut the old tube out and it couldnt be used again but at least if far from home this must be done. For me being a bit weak muscle wise, a woman and not willing to be caught in the dark alone again this is a good thing. Anyone seen them or know where to get them?

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Ohh a topic that gets me excited.
I Did a bit of a research, seems to be mainly for bmx, but there are MTB sized ones too. - If you don't mind the wait.
No 700c so if you need to recover from a flat without removing the tire I'll recommend latex magic in its various forms.
I'm still riding with my front wheel that rolled over a thumbtack without needing to change it.
Nowadays, besides having preventive caffe latex , I ride with post puncture kits like Vitoria pit stop and tufu extreme tire sealant.

Ohh as well as I think I finally get it, the "T" in PeterT stands for "Techie"? 

No wait excited, so  "T" is for "Tubes".

Sorry Rap I have never heard of Cobras but I can think of no finer name for tubes than that.

Yeah its a good name and i think i need this just in case. Maybe with the good tyres i will be fine but u neva know eh :0)

There is another option which is Mr Tuffy tyre liner which retails for $20 (cell bikes sells it) it has more than done the job for me preventing punctures . Also, use a well protected tyre like a Maxxis Refuse.

Yeah i understand u but i have those extra tough tyres. I just want something in case it happens and i am stuck. No one to pick me up if i get stuck or anything and these things usually happens when there is no bus/train or taxi about :0)

Ha ha u r an bike enthusiast then :0) i wonder if my wheels are MTB. I will have to update the photo of my new bike that is only two weeks old. Yes thats the type of tyres i saw for the BMX bikes on ebay and some other site. Yeah i don't necessarily want to order from overseas but we'll c about the price first. I think the ebay one was $19 no delivery charge and the overseas site i saw was less 9.99 euro

what is 700c?

what is latex majic?

i bought those Schwalbe tyres so thats good but u just neva know. This is my first experience with them. 

Gee you have a thumb tack still embedded in there?

I have got a bottle of that stuff that u put into tubes. Its from that company that produces SLIME. Forgot what to do with it and its sitting around unused.

I don't know about those kits. I just need something quick in case of emergencies and i lack strength due to illness so have to be back on the bike as quick as possible.

Check your tyre wall for size as it is imprinted on it. I think yours is 26" or 20" if it is an e-bike.

" what is 700c ? "   700c is the road/hybrid bike tyre size.

" what is latex majic ? "   Latex magic is the sealant for tubes.

" 9.99 euro "  It is GBP from Evans, when you click on destination and dollars then it will convert into $15.63 each. Buy 4 of these tubes and you will replace it quickly and repair it later when you get home.

Are you using Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres? I`ve been using it for a long time on my hybrid and I never got a puncture from it yet. Due to your illness it is hard to put the tyres on the rims and it is better to have someone to help you to fit it in.

More info on how to use Slime in You don`t need the slime for Marathon Plus tyres.

Nope mine is 20"

ok thanks :0)

ok as in bike repair patches stuff or is there another use application for gluey stuff...sorry i dont know the terms.

Yes those expensive tyres is what i have. I paid a lot extra.

Yeah i am talking about when i get a flat and no one is there. I can do it if i have to and was able to do it on the front wheel at the course. I am getting a Bikehand tyre lever as well.

Ah yes i looked into the slime product a couple of years ago but i don't think its exactly what i have. Same company but different product. I dont remember where i put the bottle so that will ahve to wait :0)


If you bought it from LBS and that`s why it is expensive.  You can get 4 tubes and 2 tyres for $130.30 plus free delivery to your door in under 6 working days time after they email you to let you know that it had been dispatched. Mine was 5 days. Too late as you`ve got the tyres. Over $90 spend will get free delivery or if under will get extra $12.50 for p&h.

 20" tyres for $33.89c each from .

Repair patches - you can get it from bike shops or from bargain stores. When fixing patches ,let the glue dry a bit before putting it over the hole. Don`t put it on straight away when wet.

THat one didnt work either but got the tyres so its cool

Sorry but I put wrong url as I missed the tyre in it and tried to corrected it but was too late to edit it. I still got another problem again in another post but I deleted it as it didn`t work again.


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