Cobra tubes by flybikes_where to buy in Sydney

Hi found out there is a flat tube that can be put into a tyre without taking the wheel off. I attended a course that Bikewise did through the City Of Sydney called Bike Maintenance and they had one in the workshop. I have an ebike and if i get a flat ont he back where the motor is then i have to walk the damn thing home rather than changing the tube or patching as its too hard to get the wheel off. Saw a couple of youtube videos on this product and its easy to insert into the tyre when you flick one side open after taking the other tube out. Ofcourse u wud have to cut the old tube out and it couldnt be used again but at least if far from home this must be done. For me being a bit weak muscle wise, a woman and not willing to be caught in the dark alone again this is a good thing. Anyone seen them or know where to get them?

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ok :0)

Yeah i only need one tube for emergencies. Got the good tyres :0) got patches etc....just need this tube :0) I have seen many tubes cheaper than that tho

Keep looking for it and you might find which is cheaper and get that 4 tubes and you will have spares to fix it up soon.

I always carry spare tube while riding out on road in case of punctures but haven`t got it for a long time yet.

Yeah one will do. Yeah got a few prices around. Just sussing out the best and recommended sites. So far ebay is looking good at $18 no delivery but dont understand the whole BMX bike reference so more research is needed

I have one for a 26 inch one for our Nihola. I purchased it from Maurice at GlowWorm in Marikville. He said they are 26 inch as that is the size of the wheel most share bikes around the world. As you can imagine to ease fixing a share bike this style of tube is a dream.  I don't know if he has other sizes.

Ah thats cool thanks will email him and see if he has one thanks :0) How much did u pay for it btw?


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