According to BikeSydney, the genius in charge of roads in this state has announced that the College St cycleway will indeed be ripped up. I haven't heard when yet.

The suggestion has been made (by the former SC #1 poster, Kylie, via Twitter, from Queensland) that cyclists should demonstrate in front of the bulldozers.

If you wanna do this, you can say so below.

Would be good to get a few hundred bodies on the ground, so to speak, on the day. Are you in?



*Metaphorically speaking, probably

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No real announcement means this will be done on the quiet late some night. Sitting in front of dozers, i'm in.

I live 10 minutes away and I'm practically unemployed, so I can get there in the drop of a hat.

But some inside info on when would be helpful. Perhaps one of the popular Facebook groups (I heart Sydney Cycleways?) could be enlisted to promote the cause and ask their followers for real-time reporting of any heavy equipment moving into the area.

That's essential I would think.


Stopping dozers in a town with large police resources on hand is not a simple challenge.

If you merely sit down PORS will surely come and bundle you into a van.

And you don't want to end up like Rachel Corrie.

Perhaps the best way to protest it would be to have a bunch of cyclists riding laps of College St during the demolition period, taking ALL lanes, and riding at a leisurely 10km/h. This would be most effective outside of peak hour as peak hour traffic is no faster than 10km/h.

The message is clear enough - remove the cycleway and you get cyclists clogging the road.

And don't forget, police have no right to stop a cyclist

If it's in January, and outside work time, I'm in for sure!

I'll put my hand up. I only have a dumb phone so somebody (Colin/Kylie) will have to call or SMS me when the shit hits the fan. I  have to buy a bigger D-lock, my current one won't fit around my neck.

That's a dozer-lock?

Count me in.

As many bikes as possible, lock them all together down the length of the cycleway. With a little bit of inside info on when it is going to go down and getting the word out via social media this can definitely make a big statement.

Neil could probably do the length with just his bikes.

Especially with his lovely shinny new one


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