According to BikeSydney, the genius in charge of roads in this state has announced that the College St cycleway will indeed be ripped up. I haven't heard when yet.

The suggestion has been made (by the former SC #1 poster, Kylie, via Twitter, from Queensland) that cyclists should demonstrate in front of the bulldozers.

If you wanna do this, you can say so below.

Would be good to get a few hundred bodies on the ground, so to speak, on the day. Are you in?



*Metaphorically speaking, probably

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Here ya go, done! (sorry FB link

Save the College Street Cycleway - Rally # 1
8 February at 16:00
Archibald Fountain in Sydney, Australia 27 people are going (and hopefully the other thousands who use it)

If you are on Twitter, copy and retweet the above message often.

Je suis Duncan. Oh, wait.

I am overseas right now, but I wonder what would happen if someone were to paint some additional lines/markings on the path/road. No one would notice if they were wearing a hard hat and floro vest...


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