Saw some workers doing prep for the removal this afternoon around 430pm.

It looks like it's going to happen at any time, probably in the dead of night to avoid any political fallout.

Couple of stills from the helmet cam tell the story. They have marked out about 1.5 metres of the footpath/shared zone for removal. This will make an ugly, people unfriendly intersection even worse. 

What's the bet they won't give pedestrians any longer to cross the road.

Fucking idiots

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Today's painting on the College Street cycleway indicating its imminent destruction is legal and mandated by the State Government.

Last week's painting on the College Street cycleway, indicating the love we who use it every day have for this vital piece of infrastructure and the hope that it will not be demolished, is illegal and earned an arrest on a charge of willful damage.

What is going on Sydney?

that vandal should be severely punished!

Hard labour recycling the stone from the torn up cycleway

Ugh. It looks imminent. I was hoping to return to Sydney before the rip up and join a protest, but not due back for 3 weeks still. :(

Here's something to cheer everyone up:

hahahaha, thats gold. Thanks :)

This is really shocking.  It's just   Words fail me.

I know what I was going to say.  This is CRIMINAL.

I'm wondering if when the bike lane is removed that the bikes occupy the left lane in each direction with the end result that no more car capacity will be realised

I'll be doing that. I do it on all CBD streets without a cycleway, and I did it on College St before the cycleway was built.

But I'm an outlier - most won't dare take the lane. The removal of the cycleway will stop many from riding.

I do that on George st, but unfortunately I don't hold up the traffic as the traffic is holding up itself

Confirmation of what we have long suspected? While chained to my desk at work this morning my mouse accidentally clicked on SMH and I noticed some NSW State Government propaganda community information that would appear to confirm the State government likes it just as it is and wants more of it.

Time to build Tomorrow's Sydney ?   No thanks !

Can't find it, got a link?


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