Saw some workers doing prep for the removal this afternoon around 430pm.

It looks like it's going to happen at any time, probably in the dead of night to avoid any political fallout.

Couple of stills from the helmet cam tell the story. They have marked out about 1.5 metres of the footpath/shared zone for removal. This will make an ugly, people unfriendly intersection even worse. 

What's the bet they won't give pedestrians any longer to cross the road.

Fucking idiots

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There will also be 500 series buses (Vic Rd services)running north to South between Macquarie and William, as part of a loop so the buses can turn around.(P28 on the link given)

New letter to Premier and the Ministers demanding answers on the following questions:

1. Do you acknowledge that the College Street cycleway has become an increasingly successful piece of infrastructure which transports at least as many commuters as the adjacent road space during peak hours? This is a figure borne out by both RMS and City of Sydney statistics.

2. Do you acknowledge that on Sydney streets with separated cycleways the rate of incidents involving cyclists has halved? This is a figure obtained from the preliminary research undertaken as part of Transport for NSW's City Centre Access Strategy.

3. Do you acknowledge that, after breaking the promise to construct a separated cycleway on Castlereagh Street from Liverpool Street to King Street, the Government has failed to provide a safe and effective alternative cycling route for those who currently use the College Street cycleway? Diverting to Kent St is not an alternative for the majority of cyclists on the College Street Cycleway who are heading to the north east corner of the CBD (including a number of staff who work in your ministries).

4. Do you acknowledge that the College Street cycleway is being demolished to make way for a bus lane that will carry just one additional bus route northbound on College Street?

5. How does the Government justify pushing thousands of cyclists onto the road in peak hours, a move which is known to double their risk of incident, in order to provide a bus lane for just one new bus route? Is this a rational use of limited CBD road space?

6. While the Government has reiterated that the College Street cycleway will remain passable until the Castlreagh Street South and Liverpool Street cycleways have been completed, can the Government confirm whether or not it plans to remove the concrete separation barrier from College Street Cycleway, replacing it with some form of temporary barrier prior to the full removal of the cycleway?

Contact them yourself demanding this decision be reversed:

Minister for Roads:
Minister for Transport:


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