College Street Cycleway Demolition Commencing Sunday 26 July

The State Government intends to start the demolition of College Street Cycleway this Sunday evening. We aren't going to let that happen.

If you care about cycling in Sydney then this is the day to make your voice heard and your presence felt.

We will gather together from the afternoon to host a celebratory picnic that will last into the night. We need hundreds, thousands of us to show up. With those numbers we can make sure that the bulldozers and jack-hammers are kept at bay.

Bring your bike, bring your family and friends, bring food and drink, bring music and lights. We are not going to go down with out a fight. We are not going to go down without a party.

Share this event with everyone you know:

See attached press release from Transport for NSW for more details about the demolition plans:


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Didn't expect this...

You didn't expect the forces of darkness to prevail? The press release is misleading as we know that there will not be a continuous separated option even when / if all the current promised new cycleways are actually built (if ever)

Not this bad, no.

I wonder if CoS can litigate to recover the cost, and so spend it elsewhere.

I didn't expect cycle commuting to get so bad either: it passed the point where I could not tolerate the attacks any more. Well I do cycle-commute, but only when I work away from Sydney.

The forces of darkness are worse than just affecting cyclists too. It's a dark dark time for Australia.

"It's a dark dark time for Australia."


Prof, from your many other posts, it seems that Oz may not be your native country.  (Please don't think that I'm being racist.  I'm not, I'm just curious!)  Is your mother country going downhill too, or is it just us?

European, and things for cycling constantly improve.

Sadly the Aussie situation has tipped me over the line of politeness.

Happily for me more of my life is back to Europe and I keep nice bikes there :-)

"things for cycling constantly improve"

Lucky!  Who drives that over there?  Or is it just expected?

I suspect that a part of our problem is both public service and stupid political ideologies.  Perhaps if we could change perceptions, not only of them, but more importantly to the potential market, we may reach the critical mass to get things moving.  But then again "I have a dream ...."!

yes, up to a point

political solutions are somewhat undermined by an intrinsically violent society tho

Updated the first post.

Enough words. If you care about cycling in Sydney you will be there on Sunday.

Apols from me, I shall be in Mudgee

Will the cyclists who used the cycleway use the road once this demolition occurs?

How long will it take Alan Jones et al to instruct Dunc to ban cyclists from College St?

Where to then?

Good luck tomorrow.

Something needs to be done with this corrupt lot!  In Newcastle, the land currently occupied by the closed rail line into the CBD is unable to be touched pending the results of a court case challenging the government to comply with their own laws.  They have to put an act of parliament through to be able to rip the lines up and then dispose of the land.  They tried to circumvent that - hence the court case, which they lost and are now appealing!  Their current proposal is to put a tram part of the way along the existing corridor, and then divert it into the main street so that they can gift the land to their developer mates.  This is going to cost $100m more than it would if they used all of the existing rail corridor for the trams. Reports now show that this diversion will enable them to spend $100m and gift the land to their developer mates for <$4m.  Corruption and stupidity is alive and well in the halls of Macquarie St!

We have the inmates in charge of the asylum!

Dear Rodes Minister

I want to complane. Their arnt enugh cars in the sitty. Their are to many pedestriens and bisyclists and my car cant moove fast enugh dew to all the bisycle lanes wich take up all the room.  Get rid of them then their wil be enugh room for mor cars,  yors truely  A. Cretin  2 Geebee Street, Telegraph Point, Abbotstville



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