Just one part of the Block Party for our little neighbourhood in St Leonards.

Disco music, street art, gallery openings, artists workshops, theatre, magic and just some fun for all - kicks off at 5pm !!

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the night before a long ride, love to come though Ben.

LOL, just noticed you in the graphic

yeah ... bombing my own flyers !!

5pm kick off, new art unveiling by Beastmaster around 6'ish ;) 

All the galleries and spaces are open and there's a bunch of stuff on.

You should be home & in bed by 8pm with a tail wind !!

well timed photo with stairwell person.

This friday night ... come along !!!

Pick of this weeks events by Concrete Playground !!!

Come along ... my little outdoor disco is just one part of a nights fantastic events ... and it's all free !!!


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