Comments Go Ballistic "Why Australians hate bikes"

It has been quoted (but not referenced) in passing in another thread but I thought the Elizabeth Farrelly latest (and best?) should be specifically highlighted Why Australians hate bikes

The comments are already at 584 before 3pm

It is a reasonable contribution but certainly seems to have drawn the commentators , more so than the other two cycling related stories in today's SMH

A business suit you can ride a bike in and What are your favourite cycling movies?

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Remember the Michael O column where the moderator published positive comments? Sigh.

Personally,  I rather have these vehiclism / "ie : hatred and/or marginalisation for a group of people based on their chosen mode of transport " are published and kept on record forever.

Maybe email address or names and these can be crossed-checked against drivers who intentionally endanger / maim / kill other road users.

Moderating to only show the positive comments do not reflect the true state of the Australian mind in 2014 ...Anno Domini

it is a shame that letters get checked for valid name, address and phone; but comments don't

so she pressed all the correct buttons?

I didn't read many comments, but loved this one.

"I have a car. I bought it to go at 'car speed'. I didn't buy it to sit behind a bike rider sweating up an incline in the middle of the lane so that no one can get past them. I didn't buy my car to sit at the lights to see the same bike rider come up between the vehicles and sit in front of them at the lights only to start the whole process over again. I didn't buy my car to travel at bike speed.

If I wanted to travel at bike speed I would have purchased a bike, put it in the garage and then caught the train."

I saw that . . . bogan . . . honestly the me, me, me in this city is amazing.

all that buyer needs to buy now is their own road.

I opt for an air conditioned 8 car on its own road pretty often. I'm enjoying my Opal card and steel railroad commute with bike for the bits in between.

Yes I laughed at that one too. If they want to go at "car speeds" then they need to move to the country as the average traffic speeds in Sydney in my picture are clearly much to "bike speeds" than "car speeds".

I bought a bike to ride at bike speed, but all these stupid single-occupant commuter cages keep getting gridlocked and slow me down. Woe is me.

Ha ha. So you spent $30k (or more?) on a car when $3k (or less?) on a bike achieves the same thing.

So, when they are stuck in a traffic jam going at "car speeds" of less than 5kph (slower than most bikes - even uphill out of Bobbin Head), who do they blame then?  All those other motorists blocking their way by being on the road at the same time?


No, guvmint is to blame for not building enough roads paid for solely by their rego. Oh, but there must be a cyclist up the road somewhere causing the bl00dy traffic jam.

(BTW, good to hear you have cracked the magic 6km/h barrier on the climb out of Bobbo, MDV. Must be getting fitter!)


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