Comments Go Ballistic "Why Australians hate bikes"

It has been quoted (but not referenced) in passing in another thread but I thought the Elizabeth Farrelly latest (and best?) should be specifically highlighted Why Australians hate bikes

The comments are already at 584 before 3pm

It is a reasonable contribution but certainly seems to have drawn the commentators , more so than the other two cycling related stories in today's SMH

A business suit you can ride a bike in and What are your favourite cycling movies?

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In regard to the 600+ comments now mostly from boofheads, venting is good for boofheads ... mindless venting it appears, is the only time that they get to rub their two neurons together. Otherwise when else do they get to rub them. They certainly don't appear to rub them together when driving.

The boofheads aren't really angry with we cyclists. Not really. We are just an easy release for their pent-up lack of thought ... they're angry because they have unimaginative, meaningless, cash cow lives and for some reason cyclists appear not to.

Go easy on the boofheads because for them, every year is ... The Year of the Disabled.


The big worry Warren is that these are not Tele boofheads but your "thinking" SMH boofheads, I knew it was all downhill when they went tabloid too.

hmmm the economist gets its fair share of bonking crazy commentators with little neural activity  

Warren, please don't use the term disabled like that. I work with people with disabilities and despite their best efforts people still think that they are dumb and useless even though they are very capable and intelligent people. Your comment is just as bad as the 'boofheads' you are commenting about.

I see Mr O' has decided to go for a safer, less controversial topic today, although "best film" is usually pretty controversial in itself.

"Breaking Away" . . . Fantastic choice by Mr. O'

Maybe Le vélo de Ghislain Lambert (or Ghislain Lambert's Bicycle) also works to show that bike riders are very serious peoples.

I want to write a plug in for web browsers.

It will be a simple pitch generator that plays midi tones when you browse an online Mass Media article that has many many comments.

The more repetitive the text entries, the louder and more higher pitched the tone becomes. (Imagine a simple audio test tone ramping up through nails on a chalkboard and topping out at a screaming steam engine whistle on mega steroid doses)

In this way I can experience the feeling of having read all the comments without having to spend the time to do so. Any one good with code?

or impose a twitter like 100 characters or less

Meanwhile we are having our own fun: (no need to log into an account). 

Our uplifting moment today was this new video release from our old friend and now Colombian Presidential candidate, Enrique Penalosa.  "The bicycle, something that unites us" and "Pedal for Colombia" - an attractive concept, ¿Si?

Comments super depressing M O'R's article might get people seeing biking in different light - there has to be a better way than drag out same old rubbish comments.

Best recent film = Tour de Force - new French film (subtitled), very funny.


jacques tati where he is the cycling mailman


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