Comments Go Ballistic "Why Australians hate bikes"

It has been quoted (but not referenced) in passing in another thread but I thought the Elizabeth Farrelly latest (and best?) should be specifically highlighted Why Australians hate bikes

The comments are already at 584 before 3pm

It is a reasonable contribution but certainly seems to have drawn the commentators , more so than the other two cycling related stories in today's SMH

A business suit you can ride a bike in and What are your favourite cycling movies?

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Here is a "cat saves cyclist" story (even if the cyclist is 4 and the bike is a balance bike), if cats like us why not motorists?

Perhaps the story is allegorical , cat represents our friends and the dog represents the motorists
That's an awesome take on that incident.
Here's another: cyclist attacker to be euthanized
I wonder which media will run that headline!
If dog / allegorical motorist had lead an exemplary life storing up good karma then it / they would have an opportunity to be reincarnated as something better perhaps even a cyclist but if not then a life as a cockroach might teach them the error of their ways.

Is there anything a cat can't do???

The Bodyguard

Bodyguard cat.

I never knew cats could do jazz hands....

Sir Si, I salute thee. That's a little like how I feel after the first Asahi.

The finest cycling film to come from the US ... this year.


The problem is that some of the commenters are not just keyboard warriors, they actually try to punishment pass you, or actually hit you, and then start parroting a whole range of similar comments when questioned why they acted that way.

Scary stuff.

If it stayed as 0's and 1's, well whatever, but when it gets played out in real life, this s''t gets real.


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